Rep. Tom PriceA spokeswoman for Rep. Tom Price on Monday squelched speculation that the Georgia Republican would challenge House Speaker John Boehner for the chamber’s top job.

“Congressman Price is not running for speaker,” press secretary Ellen Carmichael said in a categorical midday statement.

“He is focused on real solutions to get America back on track,” she said. “Those solutions reside in fundamental principles that embrace individual opportunity and economic freedom.”

National Review reported Monday that some GOP leadership aides believed Price may challenge Boehner for reelection when the new House votes Jan. 3 for speaker.

“Price is the person we’re all watching,” one well-placed Republican told the conservative magazine of the potential fallout from a fiscal cliff deal in which tax rates are raised. “We know he’s frustrated, but we don’t know how much else.”

The speculation came as one conservative advocacy outfit, American Majority Action, endorsed a slate of three, including Price, to replace Reps. Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy atop the Republican caucus. (AMA, though, only proposed Price take the number-three post.)

A spokesman for the speaker said he is “not concerned about the speculation,” according to National Journal.

– James Richardson