Tuesday night saw the U.S. House of Representatives pass the Senate’s fiscal cliff deal, minus an amendment to include more spending cuts, but the bulk of Georgia’s congressional delegation refused their support for the measure.

Twelfth district Democrat John Barrow joined all 8 of his GOP colleagues in rejecting the cliff-averting deal, while Representatives Sanford Bishop, Hank Johnson and David Scott all tied their name to the measure. Representative John Lewis was home mourning the recent passing of his wife.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Jim Galloway reported numerous statements from Georgia members regarding the rationales behind the votes.

For the Republicans’ part, the bulk of the complaints swirled around a desire to see more spending cuts included in any deal. Barrow, whose district overwhelmingly supported Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, struck a similar tone in declaring that the “mission” to “reform our tax code, cut spending and put us on a long-term path to deficit reduction” wasn’t accomplished at all.

Veteran House Republican Jack Kingston took a sarcastic tune on his ‘Nay’ vote, stating that he loved “senators so much that it’s hard to vote no on anything they do.”

The deal overwhelmingly passed the Senate with an 89-7 vote, including support from both Georgia Senators

With a final tally standing at 257-167, the controversial, far past the eleventh hour plan made it through the lower chamber with the support of 172 Democrats and 85 Republicans. It marks the first time a bill has passed without meeting Speaker John Boehner’s rule that legislation must be supported by a ‘majority of the majority.’

-Brandon Howell