A second poll in less than two weeks has put Georgia Governor Nathan Deal above the 50 percent mark.

According to a survey conducted by InsiderAdvantage, the governor now holds a 55 percent approval rating, with 29 percent of those surveyed expressing disapproval and the remaining 16 holding no opinion.

“At this point I would say that Gov. Deal is about as popular as a governor in this region of the nation can get,” pollster Matt Towery, who fielded the survey for an Atlanta Fox News affiliate, said. “We used to require approval of 50 percent to say a governor was in good shape for reelection, but that bar moved several years ago to around 45 percent, so Gov. Deal is sitting pretty as of now.”

Those numbers come on the heels of a poll commissioned by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that gave Deal a 51 percent approval rating and a similar 28 percent disapproval. What particularly surprised some about that survey was the 63 percent favorability amongst 18-24 year olds surveyed.

Both polls put the first-term governor in a considerably better spot than a December survey from Public Policy Polling (PPP). Though its tally put Deal ahead of three potential Democratic challengers, it showed him netting favorable responses totaling just 37 percent with 40 percent unfavorable.

-Brandon Howell