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Majority of Georgians favor tightened gun laws

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Gun protestA majority of Georgians support background checks on all gun buyers as well as federal legislation that would criminalize the sale of assault weapons, according to automated polling firm Survey USA.

The survey, fielded last Wednesday with a sample of 500 adults, found broad support for a host of new gun control measures, universal background checks the most popular.

Fully 75 percent favor universal background checks on all guy buyers while a lesser majority of 56 percent support a federal ban on new assault weapons, the poll found.

The assault weapons ban, according to Survey USA, was most popular among those respondents age 18 to 34 (61%), blacks (81%), Democrats (78%) and the college educated (63%). The survey’s full crosstabs are available here.

- James Richardson


  1. Jason

    A sample of only 29% Republicans represents an accurate sample of Georgians?

    That’s idiotic

  2. Jack Escher

    Yeah, as long as the people surveyed were lied to by the media about what an “assault weapon” is and shown machine guns, essentially banned since 1934 as the object of the ban, we will get results like this.

  3. cisco149

    Stop drinking the Fool-Aid. either yourself or the person conducting the survey had no clue who they were talking to, or you targeted the womens ward at the mental hospital. either way, this kind of irresponsible reporting is the reason our country is divided. Stop adding to the problem, grow up, get a real job, and start making your own decisions. Stop listening to your college buddies who have NO CLUE what the real world is about.

  4. GS1

    Yes, great misleading survey.
    Wonder what the results would have been had they asked informative questions?
    Currently there is a requirement to run a background check for all sales by firearm dealers, should the background check be expanded so that all private sales must go through a dealer, including sales to family members?

    Should magazine capacity for firearms be limited to 30 rounds?
    How about 20?
    Most guns today are sold with magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, should the government restrict the size of these magazines?
    Should churches be allowed to decide if they want to allow or ban weapons in their places of worship?
    Should people be allowed to protect themselves with a weapon while on a college campus?

  5. Eli Jackson

    what a total b******t survey, check it y’all.. says “29% republican”…
    matterfact the demographics of the study just plain dont make sense, dont reflect georgia in any way shape or form
    and this guy’s now promotin his great survey on foxnews bout how georgia wants across the board gun control

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