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Obama critic disinvited from Morehouse graduation ceremonies

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President Barack ObamaA prominent pastor was allegedly disinvited from speaking at Morehouse College’s baccalaureate service this week after he criticized President Barack Obama, who will deliver the school’s commencement address.

The Rev. Kevin Johnson, a Morehouse alumnus and the senior pastor of Bright Hope Baptist Church in North Philadelphia, Pa., wrote an opinion column earlier this month in the Philadelphia Tribune accusing Obama of neglecting the black community in his cabinet picks–they’re overwhelmingly white–and broader political agenda.

The day after the article ran, Johnson said, Morehouse President John Silvanus Wilson, Jr. phoned to express reservations about his “untimely” comments regarding President Obama. Johnson asked administrators to honor their invitation, but learned days later he had been replaced by three alternate speakers.

Now, a group of two dozen pastors who lead churches across the country are demanding Morehouse re-invite Johnson.

“If President Wilson turns his back on one of our most distinguished alums because of an exercise of free speech and political commentary, he will have set Morehouse on a dangerous course and departed from the great tradition bequeathed to us,” Rev. Dr. Amos Brown of the Third Baptist Church in San Francisco, Ca. told East Atlanta Patch, which aggregated the comments of other outraged alums.

UPDATE: In open letter to faculty, students and alumni, Morehouse’s top administrator vigorously denied allegations the school disinvited Johnson because he criticized the president.

- James Richardson


  1. If you should have an opinion and it is different then the current administration should you be disinvited over it.Don’t you think that quite petty in America the home of the free and the home of the brave.Can you only think one way now in the country?Why is this?Think.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Yes, indeed, there is only one groupthink allowed. All are to be of one mind. Any dissension will be dealt with very harshly by the “tolerant” political left.

    • tonycoza

      hey look, toby tries to run, escape the plantation and he is hobbled, silenced. The black voting block that admire this pres, and all democrats and all members of the ignorant masses.They will be kept in the dark, and will be smililng all the while. Meanwhile, their unemployment rate is double the national average, more live in poverty today than at any other time in our nation’s history, the drop out rate is higher than at any other time, those that do graduate high school can’t read or write and need to taught to again if they want to attend college, and yet they flock to the polls to vote for the dems. Very few blacks dare speak out. I mean they have become everything the dixie democrats could have ever hoped for . And now, the hispanics are in the que. Mensos. they do what there political masters tell them.

  2. From your Alma Matter at that.Strange.Seems like one way thinking to me.Or favoritism is a good word to use.Think.

  3. *✿*Blueburb*✿*

    Resistance is Futile.

  4. morehouse4truth

    This video provides additional information.

  5. Heartland Patriot

    Aw, isn’t that nice? Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington would be just SO proud of them. /sarc

    • testplot

      If they (the administrators) knew of whom you speak, it really would be great….. but they ob..don’t

    • They likely would have been disinvited from commencement speaking, too – or never invited, like Clarence Thomas, for not being “Black enough.”

    • joegoofinoff

      FD was a a piece of garbage. BTW has been the greatest black ever produced by this nation.

  6. Liberals love tolerance until you disagree with them.

    • Apparently black Democrats-leftists-liberals also loathe anyone disagreeing with or criticizing their secular idol.

      And apparently Morehouse has jettisoned any pretense of intellectual and moral clarity, honesty and courage.

      • Hypocrites, too. Here’s part of Morehouse’s Mission Statement: “. . . cultivate the personal attributes of . . . tolerance. . . “

        • MarioG

          These are the modern houseboys in the virtual Democrat Plantation. They attack and try to intimidate anyone who tries to escape as we see from the documentary Runaway Slave by ex-NAACP leader Rev. C.L. Bryant urging blacks to escape as he did.

          • John (magnum)

            Yep, the socialist party plantation is alive and well. Blacks are either blind to the fact that the dems wish to keep them happy with just enough free stuff from the makers for a vote, or are just plain stoooopid!

          • rennyangel2

            They did the same to Dr. Ben Carson at his own university, Johns Hopkins because he criticized same-sex marriage. No diversity of opinion allowed, or someone might stray off the plantation and think independently.

          • bamalv

            this was a complete and utter diasgrace. he is johns hopkins shining star and they disinvited him because he dared criticized this pos potus who couldnt shine his shoes. johns hoopkins should be ashamed of themselves.

          • rennyangel2

            Was an atrocious act for which John Hopkins should be eternally embarrassed .

          • ProObamaAgenda

            well they are NOT and your boy STILL aint speaking…..perhaps u can arrange for him to speak at your Friday nite crossburning

          • gordo e

            wow Rennyangel,- imagine that- a pro Obama supporter calling you a racist because you are in support of someone with like minded morals and values that succeed on his own merits to be coming a leading Neurosurgeon from the world respected medical University , Johns Hopkins…isn’t that a hoot…seems to me it’s ProObama that’s wearing the Klansman’s gear…

          • gordo e

            oh yeah, and apparently Dr Carson is black… who knew…LOL

          • rennyangel2

            I doubt you speak as a Johns Hopkins student because that institution rarely admits students who cannot read and write.

          • You miss the point, asswipe. Your boys have shown what hypocrites the libtards are. All for inclusion as long as all they inclue is each other. What douchebags.

            But PLEASE do keep up the good work. A libtard who keeps talking helps true Americans more than they could themselves.

          • willieredchief

            Idiotic bigot !!

          • Mike DeDominic

            Where are the required punctation marks?

          • YoshavChutz

            Only whites use punctuation…

          • larry burdge

            A amazing comment POA,,,,,,, Still pickin’ cotton you are?

          • YoshavChutz

            Typical O supporter – can barely write….

          • Don

            You are joking aren’t you? If not I feel sorry for you.

          • jtg

            But your BOY is.

          • Mary M.

            Seems to me Proobama, you have your facts WRONG. It was the democrats in the mid 1800s that started the KKK. As a matter of record, Sen. Birch Bayh, a democrat from Indiana was one of the KKK’s leading members. Also, in the ’50s, when the fight for Civil Rights started, democrats fought against it the hardest. And in ’64 when LBJ finally signed it, he stated “Now we’ll have those niggers voting for us (democrats) for the next 200 years. BTW, if you do a search of LBJ quotes, it will be there. So, smart ass, the democrats are still your SLAVE MASTERS.

          • larry burdge

            You can’t embarrass a Liberal or a Liberal Org. Impossible.

          • rennyangel2

            I do not think the terrible “disinvite” that happened to Dr. Carson was prob. typical of all Johns Hopkins. It was like many places–the mouthy bullying (this time, some “gay” org.) minority whined, and pouted, and then, of course, shouted their “demands,” and Dr. Carson was gentlemanly enough to not want to have a “scene.”

          • 4juices

            Not even with the killing of a new born can you embarrass them

          • Mary M.

            No, we can’t embarrass them, but, we can continue to point out how STUPID they make themselves look & sound.

          • Joe

            Now Obama’s going to go to Mexico and negotiate some sort of border opening agreement that will open the immigrant floodgates and will likely severely undercut African Americans’ job prospects, to gain more Democrat leftist voters. So, by voting so whole-heartedly for Obama, they’ve damaged their own livelihoods.

          • rennyangel2

            Interestingly, maybe some have started to figure that out. The House Black Caucus has sent a letter not backing the Sen. “immig reform” bill that would at the very least legitimize 11 million illegals here now and open up voting, driver’s licenses, social benefits, and all from our taxes, and THEN would come the deluge across the border that the admin. could close whenever it wanted (altho’ the Reps. under “compassionate cons. krap” didn’t enforce the border under Bush, either).

            If you haven’t, call your Sen. 202-224-3121 and say VOTE NO and join Numbers USA for free and send free faxes to the Sen. by the hour. It is a bad bill and better to stop bad bills in the bud than deal with them like ocare after they are law.

          • Joe

            Numbers USA is a great website. One of the more enlightening websites in existence. I will join. I will contact my Senators.

          • rennyangel2

            Terrific and encourage others. It would be better this bill dies in the Sen. than get into the House, where I have read Boehner is “on board.”

          • Pod

            No they haven’t, the Black’s livelihood comes from various welfare entitlements. They benefit from having cheap Mexican labour in the US doing all the dirty work on the cheap. Lower cost makers enables a dollar of welfare benefits to procure more goods and services for the takers.

          • the jews are black american

            thats funny last time i check whites are leading in welfare. get ya facts straight before you start talking about my people.

          • larry burdge

            How many blacks make up the American population compaired to whites? Arsewipe.

          • YoshavChutz

            Idiot. I guess you never finished 4th grade, where they teach about percentages….

          • tjpride

            Not by percentage. Blacks are 14% of the population and receive almost 40% of welfare. Non-Hispanic whites are 63% of the population and also receive almost 40% of welfare. That means blacks receive more than 4x as much welfare per capita. Blacks also commit 6.5x as many violent crimes per capita (if I’m remembering correctly). That’s not to say that middle-class blacks aren’t by and large nice people – two of my siblings have or are about to marry blacks – but poor blacks seem determined to keep themselves that way, with the avid help of liberals.

          • jtg

            “two of my siblings have or are about to marry blacks” Prepare the graves.. it wont take long before they are victims of abuse or murder. Happens at an amazingly high percentage.

          • tjpride

            Don’t be silly. Being black doesn’t make you violent – being liberal and on welfare makes you violent. Both of the blacks in this case are Christian and conservative, educated and hard-working. Basically, just like us.

          • Dwain Meyer

            Feel the burn?

          • there ain’t no my people, we are Americans’ start acting like one, and leave your own cultures at our doorstep, because you were so anxious to flee the dictators, don’t bring your cultures here, please, we have our own! It’s called the constitution!

          • Don

            Of course they are leading Dumbo, their are 8 times more whites then blacks in this country.

          • jtg

            Hey moron.. the Whites are also PAYING MORE IN AT AN ASTONISHINGLY HIGHER NUMBER.. Let’s talk percentages paid out vs. Percentages paid in..

          • ProObamaAgenda

            Obama is going to mexico to finalize the plans for the FEMA CAMPS…are you ready???….and guess what???…u cant take your gun

          • larry burdge

            What are you going to do with your gun? dumbarse.

          • larry burdge

            POA; I believe that you just might have a White problem? Glad you weren’t born one,,,,,,,, your kind deserves you. Take your doo rag and go home, your monthly government check might arrive today.

          • YoshavChutz

            We will not need to take our guns – we will gun them all down.

          • jtg

            If it’s in Mexico. then Ozero has already sent the guns there. We’ll just pick them up at the border.

          • Mary M.

            Well, KNOW IT ALL, is your bag packed?

          • stupid libtarrds

            The sad thing is that Carson’s opinion is the opinion of the vast MAJORITY who don’t want marriage redefined. Speaks volumes about these indoctrination mills called universities.

          • the more I learn about Dr. Carson, the more I’d like to see him run for POTUS.

          • icknortonmountain

            YEP, the folks under the white sheets were southern democrats.

          • MarioG

            In addition to fighting to preserve slavery, the Democrats also opposed freed slaves from getting Second Amendment rights so they could protect themselves from the Democrat terrorists of the KKK.

            Why blacks support the Democrats who have done them so much harm by over 90% margins is a mystery to me. It’s a lose-lose situation because they are taken for granted by the Democrats and the Republicans have no incentive to do anything for them.

          • icknortonmountain

            Check out the story of Ron Brown(Clinton’s Secy Coom), the frat that initiated him at Middlebury was inhabited by a bunch of white boys-we got jettisoned from SPE national too!

          • gordo e

            Now the problem is you are stating fact- liberals never let the facts or the truth stand in the way of what they want to achieve….but we gotta keep telling it.

          • MarioG

            My bad. I cannot tell a lie. Blacks who blindly vote for Democrats are chumps who live in the Democrat Plantation. On the other hand there are the blacks who are smarter than most, like Tom Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Larry Elder, Shelby Steele, Herman Cain, Allen West, Ben Carson, Deneen Borelli, Angela McGlowan, Amy Holmes, etc. and they have all escaped from the Democrat Plantation. Go figure.

          • Pam

            So glad you mentioned the “smart black Americans” by name. I have total respect and admiration for each of them. I often read their articles and they are honorable Americans.( I just love it when Walt talks about “Mrs. William!” ) You do them great honor by mentioning their names. Thanks.

          • Don

            These blacks could do a lot more for their fellow blacks then morons like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and a host of like minded, aka, Liberals.

          • MarioG

            Unfortunately, Mrs. Williams died a few years ago in a freak fall down their basement steps. May she R.I. P.

            To honor her memory, here’s some more names of conservative black patriots to warm your heart and give us hope: Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, John McWhorter, 50 Cent (believe it or not), Alveda King, Deroy Murdock, Carol Swain, David Webb, Don King, Star Parker, Michael Massie, Eric Rush, Ward Connerly, Charles Payne, J.C. Watts, Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen, Rev. Wayne Perryman, Rev. C.L. Bryant, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Rev. T.D. Jakes, Karl Malone, Tony Dungy, Wilt Chamberlain, Ken Blackwell, Ken Hamblin, Lynn Swann, Jimmy Walker, Roy & Niger Innis, Stanley Crouch,

          • Pam

            Sorry about Mrs. Williams death. Mr. Williams, like J. McGee always had tongue in cheek humor! What a GREAT list of honorable Americans you mentioned. Heart is warmed; thanks.

          • Mary M.

            You forgot to mention Star Parker & Mychal Massie.

          • Pam

            And Star! She is such a witness as a black lady doing something with her life by her own decisions. ( and she is quite beautiful!) I usually see her on the show. She IS a great American!

          • Don

            And the ironic thing about them is that unlike Obama, I would vote for any of these blacks for POTUS.

          • tjpride

            The best thing we can do for blacks is pull all their welfare while at the same time cutting all the regulation and obscene levels of taxation that are making it impossible for small businesses to function. Not to mention take a tough stance on immigration, since those 30 million immigrants will be mostly competing for blue-collar jobs, not middle-class jobs. We are doing all the right things, it’s Democrats who pocket the votes and then turn around and shaft black voters.

          • Leonard Umina

            The Democratic Party is a complete fraud. That is why it is supported by the elite like Gates, Soros, Buffet, Heinz, Wall Street, and the multinational banks. Its purpose is to lie to the poor to get their votes, and keep the elite in power. When the small business owners object to paying for the elites promises, they are demonized by foolish party advocates. The elite demand the poor give up their rights, and they do so willingly, thinking this is part of getting their promised benefits. At some point the poor and the Democratic activists will realize that they’ve been shafted by the elite for decades. That’s when all hell will break loose.

          • nicholasi

            “The Democratic Party is a complete fraud.” — Just like the Republican Party.

          • zonable

            (I’ll go with stoooopid.)

          • Vette66

            I vote “stoooopid” then “free stuff”.

          • nicholasi

            The NAACP was founded and run by Jews, with Stalin Peace Prize winner and pseudo-intellectual Jews’ whore DuBois as the Token Negro.

          • aerojack7

            Man, as much as I hate the NAACP, you are one twisted dude, nicholasi.

          • nicholasi

            You should inform yourself before throwing insults around. NAACP founders: Communist Jew Henry Moskowitz, Republican Mary White Ovington, Communist William English Walling (Jew wife, converted), Communist John Dewey, Communist Jew Belle Israels, Communist Jew Jacob Mack, Communist Jew Edwin Seligman, Communist Jew Joseph Silverman, Communist Jew Lillian Wald, Communist Rabbi Jew Stephen Wise, ONE NEGRO: Communist W.E.B. Du Bois (Stalin Peace Prize, 1951). Most of them were registered Republicans too.

          • Thats right, JACK*SS, they were communists, NOT JEWS.

            The only people who connect someone’s politics to their GRANDPARENTS ancestry ARE NAZIS, and we will destroy you nazis along with the NAACP Left.

          • They were communists and Jews. Jews are well known to be communists dont know why but they do. Not all but many.

          • fred8131

            But all members of al queda are mooslim.

          • Yeah that would be correct.

          • Breezeyguy

            Being a communist and being ethnically Jewish are not mutually exclusive.

            In Fiddler on the Roof, the character Perchik gives a communist interpretation to a biblical story.

          • Nicholasi, I would like to know your sources for calling these people communists. How do you know. I have not be aware that John Dewey the progressive father of education was ever a card carrying communist. A liberal for sure and the communists used his education books like candy in Russia. Give support for these claims. I would be interested in how you know, they are communists.

          • The followers of Lenin were Bolsheviks. The Marxist-leninists were what we came to call Communists. Dewey was not a member of this group, nor was Gene Debs, the most radical socialist leader, but he shared their radical naturalism, and was an admirer of the Soviet Union. Most broadly, Dewey was what one might call a secular humanist,

          • nicholasi

            I never said they were “card-carrying” Communists. Did FDR and Henry Wallace and the rest of the Commies in the US gummint have Commie Party cards? Communist is Communist. How many of these Jew scum were members of a Communist party? :


          • nicholasi

            Jew Commie Anna Strunsky: “Anna joined the Socialist Labor Party as a teenager and remained a socialist the rest of her life. In 1906 Anna and her sister Rose joined American socialist William English Walling in Russia as correspondents for his revolutionary news bureau. Anna and William married that year. Anna continued to write and advocate for socialism. She was an active member of several liberal-left groups, the League for Industrial Democracy, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which she and her husband had helped found.”

          • nicholasi

            Rabbi Stephen Schmoolie Weiss/”Wise”, co-founder of the NAACP, March 23, 1917, at a meeting celebrating the Jews’ vicorory in Russia: “Bolshevism is a religion and a faith. … Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.”

            Marx: Filthy Satanic Jewboy.

            Do some research.

          • There have certainly been republicans who were progressives. Going back to Teddy Roosevelt. Sadly, this is still true.

          • nicholasi

            It’s even on Wikibloodypedia, man!

            The 1911 conference resulted in an organization where the leadership was predominantly white and heavily Jewish American. At its founding, the NAACP had only one African American on its executive board. It did not elect a black president until 1975.

            The Jewish community contributed greatly to the NAACP’s founding and continued financing. Jewish historian Howard Sachar writes in his book A History of Jews in America of how, “In 1914, Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP and recruited for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise.”

            Early Jewish-American co-founders included Julius Rosenwald,Lillian Wald, Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch and Wise.

   “The American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, and the Anti-Defamation League were central to the campaign against racial prejudice. Jews made substantial financial contributions to many civil rights organizations, including the NAACP, the Urban League, the Congress of Racial Equality, and the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. About 50 percent of the civil rights attorneys in the South during the 1960s were Jews, as were over 50 percent of the Whites who went to Mississippi in 1964 to challenge Jim Crow Laws.”

            As a member of the Princeton chapter of the NAACP, Albert Einstein corresponded with Du Bois, and in 1946 Einstein called racism “America’s worst disease”.

          • carl6352

            you are screaming at windmills man. their brain capacity has left the building all you are doing is confusing them.

          • nicholasi

            Maybe a few years from now a dim flicker will briefly flash in their barren skulls, just before some Negro smashes their head in while a Messican is raping their kids, who are too busy watching TalmudVision to care.

          • Katherine McChesney

            ‘…while a Messican is raping…’

            No, that’s what blacques do.

          • grumpyank

            There are no white rapists?

          • jtg

            About as many as there are Muslims against fatwahs and jihad.

          • “TalmudVision”

            Ah, Aryan Nation speak. ESAD, you’re as dangerous to this country AS LEFTISTS.

          • Look if you cant accept that almost all KKK were democrats and it was founded by democrats and that planned parenthood was setup to kill off blacks with abortion and that communists started the NAACP then you just simply refuse to accept the facts.

          • nicholasi

            Yeah, this guy sure is Coloured!


            “President of the [Jew] Rosenberg Foundation. Served as director of the US Human Rights Program at [Jew-founded] Amnesty International.”

          • carl6352

            it is fun to read when you throw the facts back to them and the dim bulb thinks er’s and um’s.while shaking their heads. i guess that is what you get from a public education now a days and nov proved it!

          • WisdomSeeker

            An educated person would know that there is such a thing as called “Spell Check”… Just saying – LOL

          • Holy cr@p that is your BS comment add something or STFU

          • Nicholasi would have been a perfect candidate to run the gas chambers (assuming he admits they even existed)..

          • jtg

            And your disinformation disseminating self would’ve been good on the Warren Commission.

          • The Bobster

            Why, because he stated the truth, Firster?

          • nicholasi

            The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded by a group of Marxists and millionaire Jews — but no Negroes! One of the most prominent was W.E.B. Dubois, who joined two year later and who would later become a leader of the Communist Party. The first NAACP president was the rich Jew, Joel Spingarn. He ran the organization until he retired in 1939. Then his brother, Jew Arthur Spingarn, became the head of the NAACP. Then Jew Kivie Kaplan, another millionaire, was NAACP president, until 1966. Then, for the first time in 57 years, they allowed the mulatto, Roy Wilkins, to take over. Now it’s run by a white Negro. Attorney Jack Greenberg headed the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The Jew New York Times, Sept. 19, 1966: “The Jewish community has long been the financial backbone of the civil rights movement.”

          • Obama’s dad , Frank Marshall Davis was a leading commie organizer for the labor unions and so was his grandfather, Stanley Ann’s pop!

          • the jews are black american

            dam i like you. kill them softly with knowledge

          • Michael Michaelson

            It would be a fine thing if the Blacks in this country did even one-hundredth for the Jews as the Jews have done for them. Ingrates!

          • nicholasi

            The Jew never did anything to boost Negroes. Jews despise Negroes. The Jew only ever used the Negro to wreck White America.

          • jtg

            Well, the Jews are good at separating a working man from his money.. and the black thug murdering robbers are goods at separating a Jew from HIS money..

          • nicholasi

            Do you seriously believe that Negroes could form an influential advocacy group, or a university, or a disciplined army, or an efficient government, or a record company, or movie studio, or anything, without some White men helping them or some Jews scheming? What planet are you on?

          • And those “white men helping” WERE THOSE YOUR “CHRISTIAN” BROTHERS, sc*mbag?

          • Communists often set up organizations that would help ferment trouble and use it for propaganda purposes.
            They hoped they could start civil rebellion. It failed because once Americans found out how bad it was we actually did something about it.

          • fred8131

            Just like liberals.

          • MarioG

            Why does anyone need an “advocacy group” in this country? Look at all the immigrants who came here to escape from tyranny and oppression, and made it by getting educated and working hard. The top three ethnic communities in the US by family income are Indians, Japanese and Filipinos and none of them have an “advocacy group”

          • You should educate yourself instead of wallowing in your ignorance.

          • Why is he twisted?

          • zonable

            Actually, he’s right. But contrary to the inference, all Jews are not Communists nor are all Communists Jews.

            Suffice it to say, the NAACP was a Communist inspired organization specifically created to stir up racial tensions and bring down the country, and it still exists today to continue its original intent.

          • MarioG

            Actually, he’s not right. Jews were horribly persecuted by the communists in the old Soviet Union. However, many Jews are liberals.

          • Many ethnic Jews were commies other words the NON-RELIGIOUS kinds. Those ethnic Jews were rabidly anti-religion….ANY religion. SO they murdered or put into camps people who were Christian and Jewish and who practiced their RELIGION.
            Also many of the murderous henchmen of Lenin and Stalin, until the 1930s, were homosexuals or bi-sexuals. The leader of that gang of Lenin’s henchmen who murdered the Czar and his family was a bi-sexual and many of his assistants homosexuals.
            Stalin had them ALL put to death in the early 1930s for being deviates..
            Stalin was a promiscuous man who liked VERY young girls..10, 11 . He also was a deviate.

          • MarioG

            Stalin is probably running hell right about now, assisted by Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot and Saddam, waiting for Mugabe to join them.

          • bigkahuna9

            Obama will be bowing soon to them

          • MarioG

            Obama is a punk compared to these tyrants – he only survives because the media cover for him out of their deep seated guilt trip over slavery.

          • grey_ghost1

            Just how does Ted Kennedy fit into that?

          • MarioG

            Look, these guys are second only to Satan himself. Punks like Ted Kennedy will be found in the sexual harassment department, with an open bottle of whiskey in his hand, waiting for Bill Clinton to show up :-))

          • He isnt twisted he is telling truth and a racist started planned parenthood to kill as many blacks as possible because she believed blacks were inferior

          • MarioG

            Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood and here is a direct quote from her, “Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds … a
            deadweight of human waste … Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a menace to
            the race.”

            “Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need … We must
            prevent Multiplication of this bad stock.”

          • Yep! She wrote and she BELIEVED IT!

          • MarioG

            Yet blacks and Jews are among Planned Parenthood’s biggest supporters. Go figure. Ignorance in action – just like their support for the Democrats who have actively oppressed blacks since the days of slavery.

          • gavinwca

            And she succeeded, look at how many black babies Dr. Gosnell has Murdered.

          • the jews are black american

            he’s right, pick up a book bro. oh let me blow ya mind some more, it was the jews who started the civil right movement

          • Those few men of Jewish ANCESTRY who helped FUND the NAACP had NOTHING TO DO WITH JUDAISM.

            Unless of course you care to acknowledge that Stalin being born a Christian, and that his going to Christian Seminary means ALL CHRISTIANS SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR STALINISM.

            IOW, you stupid, MORON, most smart American’s hate the NAACP because it is Leftist, but we also hate Jew-bashing, nazi-loving / KKK sheet-wearing b*strds LIKE YOU AS WELL.

          • Look you appear to be lacking information. KKK were democrats many jews dont actually practice their faith. He wasnt condeming them just telling you who and what they identified themselves. They were Jewish and some of them were communists.
            He didnt spew hatered he simply stated the truth.

          • Stalin was not even a Russian and he was forced into the seminary by a relative… from all we now know of him from Church sources, he was a serious trouble maker in the seminary and was THROWN OUT for drinking and hiring women for sex. HE was NO Christian…. and NOT an Orthodox one at ALL!

          • zonable

            Let’s just say the NAACP is communist “inspired”, as is the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Alinsky, Ayers, La Raza, LULAC, the Congressional Black Caucus, Jerimiah Wright, Barack Obama, the Democrat Party USA and a host of others.

          • I will assume you are not being sarcastic. Yes this seems to be the case.

          • you forgot to mention that they are all extremely racist organizations as well.

          • I wouldn’t make the claim that NAACP is communist inspired until quite recently. Back in the early days of the NAACP, they were quite smart. They recognized when the communist in Hawaii were trying to infilitrate them and closed down their charter to keep this from happening. NAACP also did this in mainstream america, after seeing how the ALCU tried to use the Jim Crowe situation in the south, to start a racist revolution to divided the nation. This statement is only true recently, when the wife of Martin Luther King has decided to endorse the democrats with the NAACP… and of course now, we might as well call the democratic party… the communists/socialists party!

          • Don

            And I’m sure you missed a quite a few. Nicely said though.

          • the jews are black american

            well if you look real deep you’ll find out my people, so called negro’s are true decedents of Hebrew Israelites the lost tribes that are scattered

          • the jews are black american

            also bro dubois sold us out. marcus garvey was getting very popular with the back to africa movement then that house negro dubois went to his slave master and they put a end to it.

          • nicholasi

            DuBois was a jumped up numbskull probably kept supplied with white prostitutes (male? female?) by his jew masters, like that uncle tom commie whore-monger MLK.

            Yeah, the jew hated Garvey, and BT Washington too.

            That dumbass Paul Robeson slashed his wrists in a Moscow hotel when he realized what a slave he’d been for the jew.

          • ProObamaAgenda

            lololololol…its the PLANTATION talk that makes you wingnuts bigots and enelectable…u think that instead of policy making you can simply whine your way into office….aint gonna happen my fringee friend…..enjoy your trip to political obscurity

          • MarioG

            It was not I who called it a Democrat Plantation, my clueless chump, …er, friend. It was these African-Americans who escaped and are urging others to do the same. Read it and weep for your modern virtual slavery:



        • zonable

          You left out the end of the sentence. “…except when it comes to white, conservative, bitter clingers.”

          These bastions of “tolerance” are a hypocritical joke.

        • libsrclowns

          Libtards are the most intolerant people on earth….well maybe second next to Islamic radicals.

      • Equality7-2521

        How about some philosophical diversity?

      • nicholasi

        “Morehouse also seems to lack intellectual and moral clarity, honesty and courage.” ?

        Isn’t it some sort of Negro College? That says it all right there.

        • Katherine McChesney

          A degree from Morehouse probably isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Black Studies is a NOTHING degree. Just black propaganda and myths.

          • MarioG

            Black Studies should be re-named “Keep Hate Alive” Studies.

        • Morehouse is a historically black, all-male liberals arts college. They’re produced three Rhodes Scholars. I always thought they had a good reputation for educating those young me.

          I don’t know that’s any less true, but if their president’s actions speaks to what they teach and their attitudes, then perhaps I’m misinformed.

      • StarGlock

        Maybe 0bama= mohammed in their eyes.

      • Paul Battis

        Sort of like Columbia when they never admitted that Obama never went there. And sort of like every engineering school in the country when they never studied nor spoke out about the WTC buildings falling into their own footprint or the Pentagon getting hit by a non-existent plane.

      • RobNClt

        i am a black conservative who talks about the horrible record Obama is racking up in this country. It can be dangerous being black and voting for conservatives and standing up for conservative principles and morals. But nevertheless it is the right thing to do in the face of difficulty.

    • Liberals are the fascists of the 21st century.

      • Miguel526

        Right, but you gotta remember that Obama was NEVER the proponent of Black Salvation. He used Blacks in the typically racist manner that White liberals have always used Blacks: as pawns, as symbolic place-holders. The White liberal, (who Obama is politically wedded to) have NEVER felt Blacks to be their equal, or their true partners. Look at who’s got the money (stolen from public treasuries) and who has had their centuries-long family structure destroyed, right down-to-the-bone in service to the White liberals’ Marxist gods. Obama cares so little about the Black kids of Chicago, that he stands idly by and lets them murder each other by the hundreds every year. So, clearly, Obama’s minions also hate this real, American Black pastor who speaks the truth from OUTSIDE of Obama’s White liberal Harvard grad perspective, and, . . they will seek to make him pay.

        • BlairWasBest

          Nice post. I applaud you

        • ASA_98C

          Outstanding & well said! obama
          played a huge role in support of
          aborting & murdering infants that
          survived abortion. Will Black Am-
          erica ever realize what they have

          • bromes4378

            true, but the black community can’t handle all of those who are born – imagine the mess if there was no abortion!

          • If they would figure out they are just slaves to a political party that uses them like an old rag and throw them on the ground when the election is over.

          • bobruark


        • andrew patterson

          Thats so accurate…no one will believe it!

        • I am the furthest thing from a supporter of Obamas, but at what point do the state and local governments take responsibility for the crime in their community. The problem is everyone is looking towards the fed to help them solve problems.

          • Madelinepc

            Yes, but again, Obama got real involved with the upper middle class white childrens’ murders at Newtown. Chicago, his “hometown”, not so much.

          • Martha Sparkman

            He has refused to bring attention to – or even acknowledge – the carnage that is rampant in Chicago. He decides what’s important, like calling Sandra Fluke when Rush called her out for being unable to look up Planned Parenthood in the phone book, but neither talked about nor visited Iowa or Nashville, Tennessee flood victims. As President, anything he says or does is news, so watch and see what he really cares about.

          • nicholasi

            Every year North Dakota is flooded, but nobody gives a damn, because there are hardly any pavement apes there, except for that Somali who just murdered 4 Sioux Indians. What? Was that not mentioned in the Jew media?

          • Katherine McChesney

            If it’s majority white, you’ll receive no help from the government. This country is Blacque Run America. And they’ve contributed NOTHING to this country to deserve the help they get.

          • planet8788

            You should just refer to it as the Commie Media… no reason to bring race into it.

          • nicholasi

            Get real. Commie, Capitalist, Liberal, Conservative blah blah blah. All mainstream US media is Jew. End of story.

          • Real smooth so you are anti-semetic? The facts he presented about naacp was correct it turns out he is racist against Jews.

          • It is sad to see that black liberal so-called leaders are so intolarant of free speech. Black conservatives are treated with respect in the conservative community no matter what the skin color. For instance, Dr Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell. The list is limitless.

          • That will happen about the same time people start taking responsibility for themselves.

        • bromes4378

          Obama is a mulatto – he is NOT black.

      • …as they were in the 20th.

      • nicholasi

        Don’t insult Fascists. Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Austrian Fascists were the most decent, moral and intellectual men and women of some of the finest European states. You can’t compare them to Liberal dumbasses, rats, snakes, backstabbers, low-lifes, sodomites and traitors.

      • Peter_Mosquiter

        and all other centuries…

    • drew

      When we lived in Detroit, a black radio talk show host used to say “negro thought police” in reference to leftist blacks who all thought alike. She had death threats against her.

      • J.C.Watts (R-OK) aptly called the self-appointed “Black leadership” – Jackson, Sharpton and their ilk – “Race-baiting poverty pimps.” These students are the product of the culture of entitlement these frauds have bred.

      • Maria Sanchez

        If hate were gasoline, the left would make us energy independent overnight.

    • Johnesmith77

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – There is no reason to criticize a president because are not enough “minorities” in high ranking positions. I don’t care if they are white, black, yellow, green or whatever as long as they get the job done! Now, the ineptness of the cabinet is something I do agree with.

      • HokieBird

        But he’s clearly NOT getting the job done, other than to destroy America. Stop drinking the darn kool aide.

        • katpac

          re-read his post, he did not say obama was getting the job done … he was talking about criticizing the racial make-up of the cabinet

      • Floordoc808

        The ineptness of the cabinet is a reflection of the Chief Executive.

      • Fuqwad

        Obama got elected the first time because of “white guilt”. He is the first affirmative action president.
        One evidence of this is the fact that we not are allowed to criticize his policies, perfomance or lack of leadership without being called racist.
        The farce of the whole thing is that it is the very libtards who scream racism who are in fact racist as they insist on using skin color as the basis of judgment as opposed to one’s performance.

        • ytsim

          I have a dream

          • Liberals SUK

            And thanks to the libutards AND idiot repubes it’s turned into a NIGHTMARE!

      • RLABruce

        I agree the color of his cabinet is not the important thing; competence is. But Obama didn’t even choose for competence. He chose his cabinet because they agreed with him. His cabinet is irrelevant anyway. His unvetted czars have all the power.

    • arguethefacts

      Exactly how many liberals get invited to speak at Liberty U, or any of the other racist radical colleges (I use the term college loosely) in the US? The answer is none. So, clean your own racist houses before you criticize others.

      • Jack_Kennedy

        ahh, a bozo mooch has showed to obfuscate for obama

      • So they’re racist or radical because they may not have invited any liberals? If they exhibit the same inability to analyze as you’ve evidenced, why should they?

        By the way, show objective credible traceable data to support your allegation, or find the testicularity to retract it.

        And, yes, “Google it” is insufficient.

      • sotheby94

        Since when does “liberalism” (that is, communism) comprise a “race”? Since when does opposing Marxist “progressivism” constitute “racism”? More Leninist / Alinsky doubletalk and deflection. Does this routine ever get old for you ObaMaoZombies?

      • JeromeD

        At any given time, Liberty U has more liberals on their campus than the amount of conservatives a school like Columbia hosts in a year. Check their debate team (which is, I believe, the most accomplished of any US school in the past decade). They important thought-leaders on every subject, from every angle, and pound out some serious position arguments. They’ve even been able to convincingly argue FOR abortion, because their varied training is so comprehensive. Meanwhile, their counterparts at other universities are living in a liberal vacuum where they can dress up as the pope, naked from the waist down, shave their pubic hair in a cross and think they are somehow justifying their obscene tuition (or even worse, “learning” something).

      • RLABruce

        You’re claiming all ideologies have equal value. Using your lack of standards, you would just as soon drink pee as lemonade, since they’re both yellow.

    • Today if you disagree with President Obama, you get uninvited to speak to the graduating class at Morehouse College, tomorrow if you speak out against President Obama, You end up in a FEMA camp, surrounded by the DHS Gestapo. Americans for a Constituional Government on FB!/groups/154842697919014/

    • Artie

      Yeah. Then you’re mean spirited and hateful.

    • HarryObrian

      Reminiscent of the days of Hitler, only these are communists.

    • pete9001

      As they love children…once they decide to keep them.

    • grumpyank

      “Liberals” is not the correct term. There is nothing liberal about them. They are on the left of the political spectrum, and should be called leftists.

    • mychildsfuture

      Libs don’t understand tolerance anymore than they understand racism. Not only do they preach tolerance while attacking divergent opinions, they also preach against racism then group themselves into racist organizations (ie NAACP) and lobby for racist laws and programs (Affirmative Action).

    • larry burdge

      Robb, great comment, I notice that right now there are 1277 free thinkers and 1 Liberal who might be able to read. Miracles do happen.

  7. Robert Govan

    Check this out this is great. Jimmy Hendrix FAKED HIS DEATH and is now Morgan Freeman. It is a illuminati inside joke on us all. The joke is now on him because he is big time BUSTED along with a bunch of other cats ! LOL. NWO and Hollywood taking a hit with the cat now out of the bag. Bummer for them. hahahahahahahahaha. SEARCH > Wellaware1

  8. cj

    Always fun to watch the politically correct devour the politically correct.

    • Joe

      This one is especially interesting because you have Morehouse, the only all male historically black college in the United States, rejecting Rev. Kevin Johnson for supporting better representation of blacks within the government. What kind of liberal twisted pretzel logic has this black college effectively supporting FEWER blacks in government??? In a sane, logical world, they should be SUPPORTING Johnson, and criticizing Obama. If there is ever again a Republican elected president (not likely, given the voting populace now), there better be NO complaints about the number of minorities in the cabinet.

      • Interesting to note that Blacks and minorities have held more high status Cabinet positions in Republican than Democrat Administrations, incuding this one.

        • dave

          And what do they have to show for it?

          • malcolm

            what they HAD has been TAKEN AWAY by the poverty policies of the “progressives”. Less jobs, less money, less property, less education, less oportunity. but then again, they do have MORE (I’ll let you fill in the blanks)…

          • A spread in Ebony magazine.

        • nicholasi

          That’s nothing to be proud of. Look at that obsequious shabbos goy Colin Powell and his lies about Iraq.

      • tham

        Good post.

  9. ShamefulObama

    What if the white people in the Cabinet were the best qualified? Obama should have picked someone black…because he or she was black? I hate racism, no matter what color it comes from.

    • its all pathetic

      if by qualified you mean communist or muslim, then yes

    • Jum

      Don’t you know Chris Mathews said only white male men can be racist!

    • You are correct that perhaps he choose the best qualified, but if you look number of positions on the cabinet, it is tough to say not a single Black was able to qualify.

  10. Pasadena Ron

    This is not the first time in history that this has happen… remember Hitler… doesn’t anyone think any more.

  11. Ed

    Typical libtard. Agree with me or else and this from a president of a university.

  12. I-RIGHT-I

    Basically the preacher said Obama isn’t Black enough. You could’a
    fooled me. But I must say if that’s all the preacher could trot out in which
    to criticize Obama he isn’t fit to stand in the pulpit.

    • Oh, and you can judge who’s fit or not to be in the pulpit?

      The pastor’s job is to preach the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

      Do you have any idea of how he is at that?

      No, I didn’t think so. Nor do the people who agree with you.

      Oh, yes: Obama is not black. He is bi-racial or mixed race.

      • dave

        He disowned his momma’s side when he talked about his wicked Granny scurrying away from dark men.

        • He can talk all he wants — and he will, we all know, and about nothing but himself and the “victim” he is — but he can’t change his genetic makeup from his white momma and black African daddy.

      • I-RIGHT-I

        I do have an idea young person. He got his doctorate from Union Theological Seminary in NY. It’s a liberal shit hole that denies the Word of God in every class. The man is a racist scoundrel and co-conspirator with Evil. You’re not a Christian so you don’t understand….anything really.

        • Thanks for your uninformed — nay ignorant — derision of me, calling me “young person.”

          For my age, yes, I appear that way.

          But you’re using a subtle ad hominem to insinuate I don’t have the life experience or knowledge — and to insinuate your self-presumed superior knowledge and experience.

          If that’s what you need to fuel your ego, so be it.

          And that’s fine, because criticism such as yours always signals that the sender, you, lacks anything of value to say.

          By the way, “You’re not a Christian so you don’t understand … anything”?

          Oh, and you also think you can discern from my words whether or not I am a believer in Christ Jesus?

          You appear to fit one of the Biblical definitions of a fool — the one who to whom you speak truth and he gets angry.

          But, please, say whatever you wish.

          Thought it can’t and won’t change the fact you haven’t the faintest clue about my relationship with the Christ. Makes me thankful that the Holy Spirit restrains my fingers.

          FWIW: I’ve known about what Union Theological Seminary’s slant is on “religion” for quite some time.

  13. DpinTrouble

    If you don’t agree with the blacks, and you are black, then you’re an Uncle Tom. Sheep.

    • dave

      Yes, it implies the ultimate goal is to take everything in the house that’s not nailed down. Get YT.

  14. Free speech for some but not for others. The leftist motto.

    • Liberals SUK

      Bill I’m going to modify that statement and I hope you don’t mind. “Free speech for those who think like us NOT for those others.” The leftist motto.

  15. chewolsen

    What, Obama supports killing babies and a pastor is opposed? Unbelievable…

  16. iusetobeadumbliberal

    What is wrong with the kids today,they stand around like sheep and do nothing.

    • dave

      Brainwashed! This thing was going on 40 years ago. My brother graduated from college in 1977, and totally bought into the ‘oppressed’ garbage he was taught. Then a little boy he had sponsored in Big Bro’s robbed the local Pizza Hut. He finally got a clue.

    • bromes4378


  17. capisce

    Inclusion can be so exclusive at liberal institutions.

  18. i will criticize President Barack Obama, he is a jack ass

    • You owe jacks, burros and mules an apology.

      They’re not morally bankrupt, intellectually vacant, socially and racially divisive, psychological bent, cowardly, anti-America, anti-Americans, anti-Constitution, anti-life, anti-family, anti-military — and the clearest and most present danger to us, our Republic and the world.

    • williaml

      The Democrat party is the Jackass party.
      That is what they chose for their LOGO

  19. billmelater1

    I see the left is soooooo tolerant of other opinions. May they all rot in Hell.

  20. ncpg

    Don’t dare stray from the Obama plantation. Boyeeee!

  21. rainman199

    You can not besmirch the chosen one and not expect there to be fallout. This is how diety among us should be revered. Mr. Johnson should have known better. All praise Obama.

  22. Can’t criticize the pant-load-in-chief…..

  23. Robert Govan

    This is wild ! Jimmy Hendrix FAKED HIS DEATH and is now Morgan Freeman. It is a illuminati inside joke on us all. The joke is now on him because he is big time BUSTED along with a bunch of other cats ! LOL. Hollywood and NWO is taking a hit with the cat now out of the bag. Bummer for them. hahahahahahahahah. SEARCH > Wellaware1

  24. Get rid of the bum …. BO should be supported by his people. We can see how the enemy feels just by reading a few posts. You saw how they supported the criminal Bush who clearly violated the Geneva Convention. They’d hang BO for taking 30% of W vacation time. Pick who side you will support brothers.

    • As long as you and your ilk continue to call enemy the conservatives, Tea Party members, some Republicans and others who see the danger Obama has been and is to our Republic and society, your create that reality.

      And, no, no one would hang Obama for the vacation time he’s taken.

      As for the potential treasonous acts against our Republic, though? That’d be up to a federal court to decide, after a fair trail of the accused.

      With that “hang BO” statement, you signaled you lack the intellectual and moral horsepower to do anything more than foment race and class war, which you have done.

      Marxist anti-America anti-Americans Obama would be proud of you.

    • PC is kiling us.

      You need to check BO’s vacation and golf time, it far out weighs bush when he was in office.

    • wayno

      I agree.

      Get rid of the bum.

      Obama’s got to go…..

  25. GoodOleBoy


  26. ncpg

    He’s supposed to be Obama’s porch Ni&&a.

  27. Bill Smith

    This is typical of the radical left-wing bias that permeates college facuties and administrations. They permit no deviation, however slight, from the orthodoxy. There is more diversity of opinion in the Chinese Communist Politburo than there is on college faculties and administrations.

  28. longliveUSA

    Damn ni66ers. Send them all back to Africa.

  29. Chauncey Freeman

    When fascism comes to America it will be carrying a race card wrapped in a Morehouse diploma. AND IT HAS COME. I stand with Rev. Kevin Johnson and am outraged that censorship to this sickening level could exist in academia. Morehouse may as well be a satellite for Obama’s alma mater, the Patrice Lumumba School. Totalitarian trash. “Every expunged or censored word will eventually resound from mountaintop to mountaintop. You can’t enslave an idea who’s time has come. The ugly truth about Obama shall be known and will set the American people free from his tyranny. Please click on the “an opinon column” link above and share that important op ed on your social media sites. WE ARE THE ANSWER TO GETTING THE TRUTH PAST OBAMA’S CENSORS AND FUNCTIONARIES.

  30. Chauncey Freeman

    On Obama’s Plantation, some slaves are more equal than others. He is a feckless fascist.

    • bromes4378

      As we know, most blacks brought to USA as slaves had been enslaved by other black tribes in Africa. They were rescued from sure death by the white ‘slavers’, and given a chance to live enslaved in ‘paradise’. And yes, here in the New land, there were blacks who owned slaves. Everything is not always as simple as black or white, is it?

  31. Retribution in the black community for anyone who dares criticize the savior. How reminiscent of earlier times in world history (Hitler’s Third Reich, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mao’s Communist China and, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe)

    when to criticize the leader meant banishment or death. What is especially a joy to watch is black liberal pseudo academia and a black racist pastor going at each other.

  32. WhoIs_IsThis?

    Worst President Ever.

  33. Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Now available in the Morehouse College online store:

    Toilet paper printed with the First Amendment.

  34. What have the democrats done for the black man? They promise and promise but never deliver them from abject poverty, especially those who live in the ghetto. Poor whites the same thing.

    • MaryEJ

      Deliver them from poverty? The dems have completely set them in root of it and for the next several generations of their families. He has completely suppressed the blacks and is going to do the same for Mexicans and poor whites. They will need the government to survive from here on out. They have no reason to try and no method of getting away from it. The system is set up to punish them ( taking entitlements) if they get a job. They can not make any money or improve their situations without losing their homes, cars if they have one, and food. It’s a set up and they don’t see it!

  35. ManOnPoint

    Shame on Morehouse!!! The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves!!! You people are why the Bill of Rights were put in place. Why worry about the government screwing us over when our own citizens will do it for them???

  36. WillVMI68

    You not only have to BE black, apparently you have to THINK black in the wonderful world of Progressive Tolerance.

  37. the snake rots from the head = and our country is rotting from the ‘head’ of this foolish, arrogant, self-centered, stupid, petty excuse of a president! EVERY self-respecting black should be ashamed of who they have as a representative of them. they have picked the worst of the worst and some are beginning to recognize it! with all the decent black who could serve our country with distinction and honor, look at the abomination george soros shoved through – if that’s not affirmation action i don’t know what it is!

    • dave

      I’m glad that he was picked, if if it had to happen anyway. Maybe some of the brainwashed YT’s will wake up.

    • MaryEJ

      I still don’t think he was actually selected or elected. I believe it was a fixed election with a software program set to change the outcome. I believe the software was created by the same man who testified in Florida that he was asked to create this program. They have already proven that his signatures were fake and that he should never have been the Democratic Presidential candidate. It started as a lie and it’s been nothing but lies from the beginning.

  38. ” After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us, and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be Hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.” Valerie Jarrett Obama Sr Advisor

  39. testplot

    the socialist demogogcrats can certainly dish it out, but they can’t take it….. it’s socialism all the way….with eyes closed and ears shut…. we only see what we want to see….

  40. [sarcasm]

    The First Amendment to the Constitution is intended to protect the free expression of leftist ideas, and to protect those ideas from contradiction.


  41. I met the Forensics team from Morehouse earlier this year at nationals in St. Louis. They were what this nation needs as leaders; smart, well-spoken, knowledgeable on current events. So it bothers me that a college with this level of talent, would limit their speakers for these young men simply because of a difference of opinion. Would this had occurred if the president was Romney? What type of example does this set? Everyone should have a voice, even if in dissent.

    • tiredofliberals

      If the president was Romney, no one would be invited unless they did a good enough job of trashing him.

    • It bothers me that any college, anywhere, would conduct themselves this way.

      When I was a freshman at a state university several decades ago, one of our required readings was “On Liberal Education.”

      That was about an honest, air-all-points, overturn-all-stones education that would give a well-rounded education.

      I still have the book, to remind me that a such an education was once possible in our country.

      Not that it’s not now, but you need an electron microscope and a diving rod to find where.

    • MaryEJ

      That’s the OLD way of America. Things are clearly different now.

    • ytsim

      Do you mean in the same way he did RON PAUL ???

  42. Not good to curtail freedom of those you disagree with. We can never grow or learn if we see and hear only one point of view.
    Grow up.

  43. Will I get an invitation to speak if I say that Obama has done more for the Black community than anyone, and that the Black community is doing really, really good?

  44. Denny

    Of course Rev. Johnson is a racist.

  45. Yet another shining example of tolerance by the Left.

  46. kyleyoder

    the palace guards at it again…

  47. nitediver

    Time to stop giving an inch of ground to these wicked people – not one more inch! If you can not tell the difference between good and evil (and liberals can’t) you are not worthy of debate – so let’s defund them and ridicule them without regard to their failed attempts at manipulating the scenario all around us.

  48. 02144pomroy

    Obama is not the first black president. Bill Clinton was. Besides, his mother was white. He is the first MULATTO president.

  49. Uh-oh. Looks like somebody ventured off the plantation. Not even your skin color protects you from retribution from the left when it comes to criticizing the Boy King, even if the criticism is justified. I suppose Pastor Johnson’s black credentials have been revoked, like Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain, at least temporarily. I’m sure if he gets his mind right like Colin Powell, he’ll be allowed to call himself black again.

    • WTFrontyardAmerica

      Lets not forget Ben Carson, and Allen West.

  50. katgurl

    Morehouse College demands that you think just like they do. Independence of thought will not be tolerated. Opposing views are dangerous. Sounds like they just want their own slaves?

  51. How much time and money has been wasted on these egocentric imbeciles. Get over yourselves or get one way tickets back to Africa.

    • dave

      The media constantly inserts them into every TV show, movie and commercial, often as the hero. I actually see YT going up to complete strangers and patronizing, along the lines you would expect with a cat or dog. I didn’t see this type behavior 5 years ago. No wonder they have the ‘Big Head’.

  52. If Abraham Lincoln was alive today he would not be allowed to speak at Morehead because he was a Republican. Racism is alive and well at this crappy liberal ass college.

    • dave

      Lincoln’s Att. Gen., Edward Bates, wanted to send them all back to Africa.

  53. tiredofliberals

    What a bunch of hypocrites! Do as I say or out you go. Do they proofread your speech in advance to be sure you’ve praised Obama enough? Don’t you just love the liberals’ version of freedom of speech!

  54. hytimes

    Odds are that the black pastor voted for Obama. Elections have consequences, Reverend.

  55. restorefredom

    Liberal are not quite so liberal are they? When I disagree with one of my liberal friends they usually totally flip out and go agro. Predictable and quite funny to watch.

  56. J. Moore

    Exactly what happens when you leave the plantation without permission.

  57. It must really suck not being able to voice your own opinion on a college campus these days.

  58. lockednloaded

    Gotta love those open minded liberals!
    They have to protect their socialist savior at all costs.
    Morehead, you are GUTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. ah the tolerance!

  60. All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others. Orwell

  61. James Reid

    Gee, why would anyone want to criticize Obama? According to today’s NY Times the under O, the poor have gotten poorer and the rich have gotten richer. Blacks and hispanics are more poor due to Obamanomics. The big bank? Much bigger, bigger bonuses to the predominantly white officers, and loans harder to get for the middle class. Thanks Barack.

    • Of course the reason blacks don’t seem to succeed in the US might have something to do with the education they receive from indoctrination centers like Morehouse.

  62. If the President did this out of fear than he is a coward but if he did this out of naked politics then he is nothing but unethical. Just the example new young citizens, soldiers and tax payers need.

  63. If the President did this out of fear than he is a coward but if he did this out of naked politics then he is nothing but unethical. Just the example new young citizens, soldiers and tax payers need.

  64. Butch

    I am truly sick of supporters of his majesty oslimea

  65. Butch

    I am truly sick of supporters of his majesty oslimea

  66. Dung Imso Eel

    A leader of a religious organization is already of a suspect by a not a Christian nation of a secular state. To criticize a Dear Obama Leader is not to be of tolerated. This is to be both a thought crime and of political crime. It is not enough to obey of Big Obama Brother, you must to love him.

  67. Dung Imso Eel

    A leader of a religious organization is already of a suspect by a not a Christian nation of a secular state. To criticize a Dear Obama Leader is not to be of tolerated. This is to be both a thought crime and of political crime. It is not enough to obey of Big Obama Brother, you must to love him.

  68. Too scared to hear the truth like so many that we have a tyrant wanna be in the white house; don’t forget a liar, whiner and just worthless human being. Funny how they would love to have someone speak on being gay and murdering babies though; great subject for the libtards.

  69. Too scared to hear the truth like so many that we have a tyrant wanna be in the white house; don’t forget a liar, whiner and just worthless human being. Funny how they would love to have someone speak on being gay and murdering babies though; great subject for the libtards.

  70. Typical black “indoctrination” center that can’t even allow reasonable dissent. I wouldn’t hire anyone coming out of that school; they would have a very distorted view of the world.

  71. Typical black “indoctrination” center that can’t even allow reasonable dissent. I wouldn’t hire anyone coming out of that school; they would have a very distorted view of the world.

  72. I think this is all rather funny.

  73. For some reason the black masses are attracted to con-men and criminals like Barack Obama and Eric Holder but are repelled by intelligent and principled men like Alan West and Clarence Thomas.

  74. Danny G

    Criticize “The One” and you get disinvited from speaking? What, is he king? I fear that many of our future generation are being indoctrinated into thinking that the President is now king and cannot be criticized, bad mouthed, insulted, disrespected or any other negative you can think of, and anyone that does must be reported to the authorities so they can be sent to a reeducation camp and taught properly. Damn, this is like Clockwork Orange.


  76. grizzled1two

    They act like the guy turned someone into a Newt. The black conservative is now the witch within modern black communities thus now taking on a new meaning to the Salem (menthol) witch trials.

  77. aberdeenvet

    The Pastor is experiencing the full force and effect of questioning the Black God. How dare he voice any discontent with the Messiah’s ideology and his failure to implement it’s nonsensical elements. In the Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrat world only the One’s successes can be discussed, which results in deafening silence.

  78. Mec

    Free speech unless you speak against the liberal agenda. Then you are a racist or bigot or someone who reads FauxNews.

  79. Disagreement with the all-knowing Dear Leader is not permitted.

  80. Holy Bible


    Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

    28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.

    29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips,

    30 slanderers, (((God-haters))), insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents;

    31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy.

    32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

  81. Hitler did the same thing to those that dare disagree with him.

  82. CantTurnBack

    This is classic Liberal Fascist thought:

    Eliminate all opposition–even if they are on your side.


  83. Robert Govan

    This is Great. Jimmy Hendrix FAKED HIS DEATH and is now Morgan Freeman. It is a illuminati inside joke on us all. The joke is now on him cause he is big time BUSTED along with a bunch of other cats ! LOL. Hollywood and NWO is taking a hit with the cat now out of the bag. Bummer for them. hahahahahahahahahaha. SEARCH > Wellaware1

  84. Jonathan777

    So his racist comments against white people got him disinvited… the liberals will see the error of their politically correct ways and elevate him to a place of honor.

    • dave

      They didn’t get to where are by the content of their character. They have obtained their positions by the color of their skin.

  85. Sammy U

    Libs are either vicious little nasty children or Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler. There is no in between with these scum.

  86. Daniel Bryant

    Oh I see. THIS is why we NEVER hear the voices of Black Conservatives (or Dems who criticize Obama).

    This happened to Herman Cain, Allen West, Dr Ben Carson and now this fellow.

    As a black Conservative, it INFURIATES me because it creates the IMPRESSION that ALL BLACKS think alike.
    Of course this is a Democratic strategy, to revoke the Negrotude of Off Plantation free-thinking black folk.

    • tmorro

      I agree with you. Someday people will actually heed the words of MLK and evaluate people by content of character not color of skin. For too long these liberals with the sweet words and small tasty treats have owned and exploited blacks and others. There are so many rotten consequences of this treatment for the black population in particular. It’s exploitation in the extreme. And these politicians are laughing all the way to election day and then to the bank. There used to be a strong black middle class made up of strong families with great values and ambition who, despite poverty in many cases, held together. It only took LBJ four years to begin to erode the foundation of that living culture and turn it into the desperation and dependence so visible today, especially in big cities. Life on the government plantation is no life at all.

  87. Richard Nixon 2012

    Black folk are prohibited from pointing out any of Massa’s flaws. Obama is the new Massa. He’s created more economic slaves than the KKK could ever dream of. Oh, there’s nothing new about black Massa’s. Who do you think sold all of those slaves to whitey if not black tribal massa’s back in Africa? They got nothing on Obama.

  88. DeJuanathon

    He needs to thank him for giving him an excuse to not sit through that BS.

  89. There is a bright side to all of this that liberals are generally too stupid to realize because they are not students of history. The minute the socialist dictator achieves power through force, most of his ardent supporters are promptly killed to cement his power.

  90. MikeMarkCA

    More tolerance from the left. Dissent must be censored.

  91. BLACK POWER! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. RobertA.Sweeney

    Tell him you will express your dissatisfaction by withholding your donations, he’ll become a lot more understanding.

  93. It takes far more courage to be a black conservative and admitting so publicly (or publicly criticizing Dear Leader Obama), than to come out of the closet as a gay basketball player. The rabble of the left will attack a conservative black or black Obama criticizer mercilessly but will praise the gay basketball player.

  94. FFlintstone

    Someone criticized dear leader?!?!? Woooooo!!! Uh, oh. You’re in trouble. Black people are such suckers. They keep getting used by the Democratic Party and they keep coming back for more. I can understand why they supported Obama in 2008, but now? Common. How many times can you pull the football away from Charlie Brown before he catches on?

  95. This is what affirmative action wrought; too many blacks resent traditional academics and have been told that it’s intentionally designed by whites to insure their failure. So they get a pass. If you’re black and have a pulse you can get a full ride at Harvard. Obama is proof. You can’t ignore that 500 pound gorilla in the room forever.

  96. Nittnay

    Thou shalt not criticize The One!

  97. You can send them to college, but you can’t educate them evidently.

  98. I wonder what Marin Luther King would think of a black college punishing a black pastor for criticizing a black
    President for neglecting the black community in his cabinet picks. I don’t know for sure, but I think he would be disgusted.

  99. Welcome to the world of Dr. Benjamin Carson.

  100. Colleges and universities are NO PLACE for Free Speech in the 21st century. They are now ruled by the ’60s crowd that complained about lacking free speech rights and now savage the rights of anyone who dares to disagree with them. Stickin’ in to the Man, only they ARE “The Man” and they now prohibit the “Question Authority” bumper sticker.

  101. Dear Leader is above criticism.

  102. cindy

    The New Bullying…

  103. DrJayBee

    Ah…so this is what they mean by ‘tolerance’.

  104. if these 100% black folks didn’t have so much of their pride, ego and existence invested in this 50% white dude named Obama, we wouldn’t have this petty stuff going on.

  105. Dick Beninya

    Free speech…as long as we approve. So tolerant!

  106. Liberal Jihadism at work….

  107. Not possible. Obama promised “a post-racial America.”

    Something is wrong with the news-gathering apparatus.

  108. chukkalady

    That’s what we call transparency!

  109. disqus_1WVYuMMvC2

    Why would people pay for their kids to attend a place where obviously their kids would be punished for free speech if it did not agree with the “rulers”

  110. lopagus1

    and yet the people still sleep. what will it take to wake this country up?

  111. No free speech allowed for those who do not agree with “the one”. Especially if he is black!
    When will Americans take their country back?

  112. You never hear of conservatives doing this.. conservatives are the true “liberals” in the classic sense of the word.

  113. disqus_1WVYuMMvC2

    This Pres was asked about Benguazi today. He said he had no knowledge of the people trying to tell the truth and being shut down. Obama said he would get back to the reporter. Did he make a call? (as he called the gay ball player yesterday). Has Obama looked into what is going on?
    If he didn’t know, just shows how ignorant he is. If he did know, he just lied AGAIN. Lost count on the lies.

    • He called the NBA player who announced that he was a homosexual, though.

      Was that because he’s purported to be a member of the “Down Low Club” in Chicago’s Trinity United Methodist Church? The club was a program that Jeremiah Wright ran to give the homosexuals a “heterosexual” cover, though matchmaking of the homosexuals to women.

  114. Bad Lemm

    That pastor is a racist… Maybe that’s the reason?

  115. Clover1111

    Dr. Carson got similar treatment. Will it soon be a crime to speak ill of O?

  116. MichMike

    Obama is not black, he is white-black just like George Zimmerman is white-Hispanic.

  117. Rick Charles

    But it was ok when their idiot teachers slammed the last President daily? Worthless hippocrates.

  118. The pigs are walking on 2 legs


    We should all walk an talk and act like good little Democrats!
    To do otherwise should result in imprisonment or Execution! Ironically he is one of their own rocking the boat?

  120. Robert Govan

    This is funny. Jimmy Hendrix FAKED HIS DEATH and is now Morgan Freeman. It is a illuminati inside joke on us all. The joke is now on him cause he is big time BUSTED along with a bunch of other cats ! LOL. Hollywood and NWO is taking a hit with the cat now out of the bag. hahahahahahahahahaha SEARCH > Wellaware1

  121. Dracovert

    You knew, or should have known, that Obama was a Marxist psychopath before you elected him. Now Obama has added $7 trillion to the national debt, with absolutely nothing to show for it. Operational inefficiency and institutional corruption are signature conditions of Marxist-model states. The national debt is like a biblical curse on future generations. Enjoy your folly.

  122. Allegiance to liberalism comes first and foremost among leftwingers. Skin color, sexual orientation and ethnicity actually means nothing to them. It is all about the ideology. Can’t have anyone questioning the emperors new clothing.

  123. HokieBird

    Sad state of affairs that people can’t say what they think without being ostrasized. Wow. How far we have sunk.

    • Fred Bowerman

      why is it sad Hitler did the same thing obama’s doing

  124. Have a friend…so believed that there was oppression going on. Got a law degree & became a public defender to save them from the evil system. He quit after 3 years. To quote him, “They’re all guilty!” Well, waddaya know.

  125. Contrarianthefirst

    It seems black men no longer have freedom of speech in this “country”, especially on or near colleges.

    • Lee

      No one, black, white, or other, has freedom of speech that contradicts the ruling politically-correct and liberal mindset.

  126. percymay

    Obama will go down in history as a dupe and patsy along with all the blacks who voted for him.

    Blacks allow themselves to be tricked each time there is a presidential election.

    Unless blacks leave the Democratic Party, they will continue to be the pawns/tools of liberal whites.

  127. Fred Bowerman

    its a shame we have more degenerates then good honest people oin our coutry now. Evil is winning.

  128. thetnrebel

    liberals are the biggest bigots..

  129. BlairWasBest

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee

  130. danincalifornia

    Do not question THE ONE, the great and beneficent O-BAH-MAH, for he shall lead us as children into the land of rainbows and unicorns!

  131. wyattnev

    if so few of us realize where this country is headed then God have Mercy on our Souls!

  132. percymay

    Obama does not represent black people.

    Black people have been tricked AGAIN in thinking that voting for a person with black skin will give them representation.

    What have blacks gained since Obama was made President?

  133. MarioG

    Look, I grew up under socialism, the precursor of modern liberalism or statism. Anyone who thinks socialists or liberals are tolerant are unaware of the National Socialist Nazis, the old Soviet Union, socialist China, and the poor and oppressive dictatorships that practice extreme socialism like N. Korea, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and most of Africa. Liberal Democrats fought to preserve slavery, terrorized freed slaves through their KKK, filibustered civil rights, and then constructed a virtual plantation to ensure a permanent underclass and voting block dependent on free stuff. They cannot be tolerant because their ideology runs counter to the basic human desire of every individual to be free and independent. This must be repressed by force or by outright lies which is what we saw from Clinton and see from Obama, aided abetted by a corrupt modern media..

  134. Words against the Messiah have consequences. But good for the Pastor for having the testicular fortitude to express his opinion.

  135. Ironman1962

    I find it amusing that the pastor criticized the affirmative action picked president, for not using affirmative action to pick his cabinet.

  136. God save us from the evil of progressive liberalism.

    • Wrabble

      I think that God is relying on us to do that.

      • Romans 13:1.

        “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”

        Thomas Jefferson

  137. Ookook Eekeek

    the quilt of liberal love and tolerance, woven with the finest fibers a septic tank can offer

  138. Let’s reverse this. WHo in their right mind would critique GW Bush for not appointing more White people?

    • jamesben

      True, and in reality Bush’s cabinet was much more diverse than Bubba Clinton’s.

      Obama appoints plenty of minorities, gays and lesbians – and they’re generally poor administrators who are failing at their jobs – like Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano.

      • Couldn’t be because GWB wanted the best person for the job irrespective of the amount of pigment in their respective skin?

  139. zjak10

    Is this for real? I mean, REALLY!?!?

  140. malcom

    are blacks the new nazi’s?

  141. Downward_spiral2012

    Haven’t blacks learned from history? The Democrat party is not their friend. Its origins vis-a-vis relationships with blacks was of master to slave. This mentality carried well into the latter half of the 20th century through LBJ’s “War Against Poverty”. Instead of teaching a man to fish LBJ and his ilk turned blacks into government dependents. Many blacks today are awake to the travesty of the compassionate Democrats. They know its all a lie.

  142. malcom

    I suppose the blacks are so racist they will not tolerate anyone who disagrees with their black president. The klan with a tan huh?

  143. wait for flash

    Whooops! You’re African-American and you didn’t get special treatment? You didn’t get to be first in line? You didn’t get your free stuff? Whoooa!!! Better get out there and start hollering RACIST at anyone within ear-shot.

    Open your eyes… Whenever you see the NAACP or any group of “African-Americans” gathered, what is the single point of concern that they are voicing? THEIR OWN SELFISH INTERESTS! After all the support they have received from ALL Americans of ALL colors, they still hold them in complete contempt.

    This is EXACTLY what you African-Americans and Idiot-Americans voted for.

  144. jamesben

    So, let me get this straight, the good pastor thinks Obama hasn’t been RACIST enough with his cabinet picks and political agenda – and he gets RUN for that?

    Oh, the irony…

  145. Wrabble

    We need an Underground Railway to help persecuted minorities escape the Democrat Plantation.

  146. Wrabble

    Obama akbar!

    Obama akbar!

    Obama akbar!

  147. Wrabble

    Those who demand tolerance and respect for diversity of opinion the most from others (i.e., liberals)

    rarely exhibit the traits themselves.

  148. LUV2SKICO

    Just ask Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Armstrong Williams, Ward Connerly, etc. about liberal tolerance for black conservatives.

  149. BAW

    “In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness” – Robert Griffin III

  150. Jane Doe

    Obama hasn’t ignored the black community!!!! He has provided plenty of planned parenthood abortion clinics within minority dominant areas!

  151. you gotta love that diversity.

  152. Thaddeus_Kosciuszko

    Mr. Obama is worshipped by the irrational-wing.
    They kissed his ring and anointed him king.
    He did not reject the “philosophy” of skin,
    But Rev. Johnson caught a hard left to the chin.

    The message is clear—one must not deviate,
    Or the left will silence the debate.
    They wholly reject the ideas of Dr. King;
    For them—group IDs are the most important thing.

    They do not see individual Human entities,
    It’s all about classifications of constituencies.
    Yet they nefariously tag others without basis,
    But race only matters if you are a racist.

    T Kosciuszko

    A wise man is not governed by others, nor does he try to govern them; he prefers that Reason alone prevail.

  153. Greyghost

    OMG! Where’s Jesse!!!!!! LOL!

  154. There is no free speech in the black community. You will be liberal, and you will like it. Ignore the vile filth and misery liberal socialism has infected within Black America. Just pull that Democrat lever, sign up for welfare, gang-bang and deal drugs, kill each other in the streets, and…did I mention “pull that Democrat lever” on voting day? Yet the fools fall for this sad joke every day.

  155. Hawkdriver1961

    What’s surprising is that this “man of god” is complaining there are too many white people around Obama and he is still getting the boot. Well just goes to show you don’t disagree with THE ONE at all on anything…..

  156. Juan_V

    Black people are so stupid, Since Obama has been in office the black community has suffered the most from his administration and his policies. The poorer they become the more they still support this clown..Hey liberals, I’m black myself so you can’t call me a racist I can think for myself without the help of the government. Not like many of you who still live on the democrat plantation and can’t think or do anything without it.. Obama is the new Willie Lynch, Look it up to find out who Willie Lynch was!!!

    • The black community has suffered badly under Democrats, and especially under Obama, and yet it is people like you that they will label as “Uncle Toms” doing the bidding of the master. It is a sick and twisted world we live in today… People are so blind!

  157. Floordoc808

    Is Morehouse President John Silvanus Wilson, Jr. a

    A. Useful Idiot
    B. House Slave
    C. Coward
    D. All The Above

    • studint

      um, schoolmaster!? do we spel out the answords? cuz thier is no little circle thingy’s two fill in with our #2 pencils. This is hard stuff…
      oh wait …use the keyboard ,duh! ….neveremind.

  158. ColAG

    America home of the lemmings, cowards and Black racist.
    Wow he said he wanted to change America and he has.

  159. “The Emperor HAs No Clothes!” – OK, you are forthwith BANNED.

  160. AMD

    What happened to “dissent is the highest form of patriotism?”

  161. accusing Obama of neglecting the black community ??? HE IS NEGLECTING EVERY COMMUNITY !!!!!!

  162. Ahhh. But Moochele has such lovely arms.

  163. spin43

    There is no First Amendment at these Marxist schools of lower learning. Obama is a Marxist and Marxism only bribes the black community, not help them. What happened to the freedoms that Martin Luther King preached?

  164. k962

    The facts back the pastor up! But You can’t criticize the messiah, on these indoctrination factories, that they call universities! Free thought is a thing of the past!

  165. gutz22

    This is real simple ass clown libtards with propoganda lame stream media protect & swoon over their Messiah & the rest of America is in misery as they attempt to drag us down to their knuckle dragging level.Our only chance is the TEA party in order to restore sanity & our rule of law & hopefully not only take control but to Impeach & throw this POS into a cage.

  166. joeyblueyes


  167. The male students can’t wear dresses there anymore.

  168. JeromeD

    The attacks on the black community will come in the form of higher unemployment from supporting minimum wage increases, fewer full-time entry-level jobs available due to a new health care requirement for positions over 30 hours, less competitive academic achievement from his stance against charter schooling and school choice. These are some of the attacks on blacks, not whether he has a cabinet member with dark skin or not. Some people still can’t look past skin color to evaluate policy, dear lord.

  169. Chuck Dunaway

    Some College Presidents are among the dumbest of all..

  170. Rev. Johnson expressed his thoughts with honesty and forthrightness and has been kicked loose by Morehouse because he failed to toe the party line with his comments. If MLK or Medgar Evers were here to watch this stupidity, they would probably shake their heads and walk away in disgust. These two men, and many others, died for the right of a black person, a white person, or any other color or creed of person to speak freely and be treated equally. Morehouse, a traditionally-black institution, has turned against a black man for speaking his opinion. How ironic…and tragic.

  171. Gotta keep the kids STUPID. Or else they might see the real danger that is owebama…..

  172. NotKennedy

    Such is the intellectual domain of racist institutions of HATE. The Morehouse Haters.

  173. aguyin734

    How DARE a black man criticize Obama! They Messiah’s followers can’t cry “racism.”

  174. A black “Pastor” criticized Barry over his CABINET picks? Shouldn’t a “Pastor” be concerned about Barry’s support of the LGBT agenda? Or perhaps express some concern about his fawning adoration of Planned Parenthood, the premier baby killers of America?

  175. Morehouse college has been a bastion of Communism since even before MLK was there.

  176. Tyronius LaMarcus

    Morehouse has many Great traditions among which are: “Least percentage of graduates”, “Highest Grants to non graduates”, “Most gunfire per person”, “Highest illegitimate birthrate” and “Number of earrings per man”.
    Hail Alma Motherfumater!

  177. Ron

    Once again the Most Tolerant of all Americans viciously attack someone who disagrees with their President. The matter is even worse because the individual disagreeing is a black pastor. We all have learned how hateful they become to black Americans critizing Obama. Racism and Hate continues to fill this Administration and the MSM.

  178. 2ndprotectsall

    If your opinion varies from a LibMarxist’s you can’t have an opinion.

  179. Classic liberal groupthink. The 1st amendment is ok…as long as you march in lockstep with the liberal party line. No room for uppity nigros who step off of the New Democrat Plantation now!

  180. once again the extremist leftists are celebrating the grand mosaic of diversity.

  181. Dan_Lef

    Freedom of speech is a concept that liberals embrace as long as you agree with their views.

  182. Big Ed

    So what happened to free speech? Not during this administration I guess

  183. Another racist ‘Rev. Wright’ clone…preaching and teaching hatred of whites in church. Blacks represent 12% of the US population and not the 70-90% representation in the NFL and NBA (where’s the diversity in those sports?!).

  184. Johntexas

    Is anyone else getting scared by the overall direction this is all going? If you disagree with this Administration, there are ALWAYS repercussions. We need to change the direction of this ship and soon.

  185. Bierstadt

    There is no group more biased and racist than blacks. They are always projecting this onto others, and the more this is tolerated by those others the more biased blacks become.

  186. Yes the party of love and tolerance. Don’t colleges just love free speech rights?

  187. Do the writers below understand what this pastor complained about? It seems their comments show how quickly they rush to judgment before reading the article. This pastor complained that Obama’s cabinet isn’t black enough. I think Rev. Johnson seems more socially left than Obama.

    • Johntexas

      The point is that we are not allowed to disagree with this President without there being repercussions. Very disturbing trend…

  188. nicholasi


  189. Liberalism – Don’t agree with them and you will get their wrath. It’s a disease, and like the plague, should be eradicated.

  190. russ in nc

    If I read this correctly, the good Reverend’s criticism was from the LEFT. “Obama’s got too many whiteys around him.” Maybe Morehouse sees any criticism of Obama from any quarter to be Off Limits.

  191. lax

    No racism here…move along citizen. Move along.

  192. 121212121212

    Morehouse liberals are mentally ill

  193. Wmn04Ken07

    I know Obama will call the president of Morehouse and personally ask him to reinstate Rev. Johnson. He would never, ever want to be accused of blocking anyone’s first amendment right of free speech. Oops, he has already done that. A white preacher from Atlanta was schedued to give the benediction at the innaugural but had preached about homosexuality some years ago. Snap! Disinvited. How about that phone call to the now homosexual BB player. If he has time to call Collins, surely he has time to call Morehouse and right that wrong. Wait for it, wait for it. Don’t bother.

  194. nicholasi

    These dumb Negroes don’t get it that Obama is nothing but a whore for his Jew masters. They’re so stupid they actually believed that the so-called election of America’s Last Black President would mean The Dawn of A Bright New Day for The American Negro ~ “I have a duhream!”

  195. Obama is no friend of African-Americans. Someday they will know but it will be too late to remedy.

  196. Peter_Mosquiter

    Ist amendment applies to liberals only.

  197. Plain Truth

    Obama has exploited African Americans, gaining power with a guaranteed voter-base, but without any interest at all in making reforms to help provide the healthy economy which is what that base needs. All the race talk coming from his administration is designed to grab power, not to serve actual needs with actual results.

    • nicholasi

      “Obama has exploited African Americans” ?

      Get real! Obongo never did anything in his life.

  198. nicholasi

    Don’t dare mention the J£w!

    In case you missed it before it got deleted:


    Obongo is nothing but a whore for The J£w, and these dmb Negroes were conned by the J$w media into believing that Obongo’s “election” would mean A Bright New Day for the American Negro.

  199. I would hope this tells any of you who are considering hiring Morehouse graduates just how much their degree is worth…

  200. bromes4378

    Every day it seems that black progressive-liberal Americans provide additional evidence that they are exactly the same as white progressive-liberals…intellectually vapid, intolerant racists and bigots. Congratulations to all of you.

  201. TheWanderingNomad

    Ah! Tolerance. Someone once gave the LIBERAL definition of tolerance as: the suppression of all dissent.

  202. nicholasi

    Is that @$$-bandit football Obongo’s son?

  203. C. Adkins

    hey, it’s all part of the plan, people.

  204. What happen to freedom of speech?

    If it is not ok for the govt to censure because of freedom of speech, surely it is not ok for a college that is receiving federal funding to censure a person for freedom of speech.

  205. sgfan

    Liberal free speech only is allowed. No room for any dissent. The dem plantation is their home now. Just send them their check, their food stamps, their free Obama phone and their vote will be there for Bo.

  206. Their lord and savior criticized, how dare anyone? To elect and protect Obama, they would overlook and any crime, transgression, and even the downfall of the U.S.. It’s a shame that all they see is color and that anyone, white or black that, even in the least bit, says anything negative, is a traitor and is unwanted. So narrow minded and so non tolerant.

  207. So much for the 1st Amendment. What do they teach college students anyway? Obviously, critical thinking isn’t on the list.

  208. Eileen_for_Freedom_Liberty

    America…there are millions of Americans of black heritage…that don’t agree with the ‘massa’ in the big house…they are all just afraid of standing up and saying so…because of reactions like this!




    • nicholasi

      2. There’s no such thing as a “JUDEO/CHRISTIAN”
      3. Take your jew crap and shove it back up your Talmud.

      • The Reader

        all moslems speak this way. will you be sending more of your people to Allah?

        • nicholasi

          No they don’t. Most Muslims talk crap about how they’re cousins of The Jew blah blah blah. Pathetic. To hell with Muslims. To hell with Jews. And piss off with your moronic assumptions.

          • The Reader

            ROTLMAO-show me one post where a moslem has ‘ever’ stated they are related to Jews.

      • Eileen_for_Freedom_Liberty

        1. If YOU hear SHOUTING…when reading WORDS…a psychiatrist can help you with that!

        2. There is absolutely such a thing as Judeo/Christian…the Christ of Christianity was a Jew…and came to the Jews first…and then to the Gentiles.

        America is a Judeo/Christian nation founded upon Judeo/Christian principles…called Holy Scripture…both Old and New Testament.

        3. I assume you are an Islamic because of your disdain for all things Judeo/Christan?


        You have a nice day now…Bubba…because I am!

  209. This will, of course, be denied by the school.

    In o’bamaworld we are rated on our support for the Lord God Obama first…. followed by skin color, political affiliation, celebrity status, sexual preference, union membership then… gender, age, geography, and so on, in that order.

  210. Jorge

    Obama can do no wrong within the Black Community, thus he can ignore them altogether. And by the their state of unemployment and less economic power since Obama took office, the Black Community continues to support the very man that is running their economy into the ground.

    • nicholasi

      They’re so retarded they worship this puppet who’s bringing in millions of Mexicans to drive them out of their homes and (for the few who work) their jobs.

  211. Tyrone

    The radical left does not tolerate “traitors” who do not goose step to the party line and agenda. This applies especially to minorities or women who escape from the “big government plantation” and may give the other slaves the wrong idea. Pastor Johnson should be proud (and much wiser) today.

    Broad is the highway that leads to destruction and many shall travel upon it…. America is definitely on that road and has been for some time!

  212. Daniel Haney

    Rev. Kevin Johnson was exactly correct. You can have free speach in Amerika as long as you conform to official party standards commrade…
    The Black community has been a willful pawn. However, they are no longer required, so promoting the Black community is no longwer important to Obama.
    BTW, exactly which policy helped the Black community during his FIRST term?
    Obama played you all as a fool….

  213. nicholasi

    Obama could publicly shit on a homeless Negro and would still win 98% of the Negro vote if he could run for a third term.

    • nicholasi

      Leroy: “Whutt! He caint run for a turd time? Dass rayssiss yo!”

  214. nicholasi

    They never stop to think who’s going to pay for everything when Whitey’s in the minority and the rich Whites have all gone to Switzerland, Australia, Germany … anywhere to get away from the sewer called the USA.

  215. newshound4life

    I am heartbroken. Appalled is likely a better word, at the lack of integrity, hypocrisy and how insincere these so-called black leaders have become. They have surrendered to the “political flexibility” of the democrat political elite. Ideology and agenda has become the object while honoring the truth is no longer relevant. It is sad that the “new” leadership at the NAACP, for example, is more preoccupied with their own political future than with the true mission of the organization.

  216. elizabethrc

    Blacks only have two subjects which interest them: black or white. Their entire world revolves around ‘getting even’ for slavery.
    Message to blacks” No one alive in America today has ever owned a slave, but you might want to check Africa where the slave trade is active.
    You’ve been so obsessed with protecting America’s first (probably only, thanks to his mismanagement and overbearing attitude toward non-believers) black president who, by the way was elected by a white majority, that you’ve lost all sense of reason.
    Fewer and fewer people are listening to you and you are making yourselves irrelevant. Gain some maturity and join the rest of the country. Send your kids to school and encourage them make something of themselves. You’re the only ones who can break out of your circle of failure.

    • nicholasi

      “Blacks only have two subjects which interest them: black or white.”?

      What about what they call “dancing”, and “muh dick”?

  217. larrytxn

    This is the best example of the liberal mentality. Mind-numbed robots, useful idiots…an example of a gulag Morehouse. Parents…get your children out of there. so it goes

  218. alien5

    Yeah, no racism there unbelievable
    Liberal , do as I say and if you don’t agree get the he&^ out

  219. grumpyolguy

    So much for freedom in academia.

  220. Linda

    America, Hates Obama….he should be in a federal prison for High Treason, Murder,and Crimes Against America!! Obama is NOT black, he is an Arab Muslim SUPPORTING TERRORISTS! Impeach this SOB NOW!!!

  221. DawgByte

    This is proof that liberals can’t handle the truth. If you don’t speak from their approved talking points you are banished. It should be clear to all Americans that liberals are ruining this country.

  222. Typical liberals,,,there won’t hear the truth AND don’t want anyone else to hear it. It’s the tolerant of them,,,if the person praised Obummer and the Students didn’t want to hear him they would have been FORCED to listen,,,like good little Brown Shirters that they are…..Sad Huh..1935 Germany,,,

  223. Linda

    STOP talking, and begin Impeachment Procedures NOW!! SCREW Obama and the camel he rode in on!!

  224. margielyle

    Colleges – especially black colleges – are bastions of free speech.

  225. Charles Quarles

    The Cabinet positions do look like white people to me. Someone tells the truth and colleges know who sends them the pork. So, the truth becomes a lie or we don’t tolerate the truth so we can be PC. Such nonsense.

    • nicholasi

      “White” like the Jew Lew, the Jew “Kerry”, the Jew Zients, the Jew Orszag? Mexican Solis, Asians Shinseki and Chu? Arab Ray LaHood? Mystery M. Holder.

  226. Bob

    Typical leftists. Silence everyone you don’t agree with.

  227. Sal

    What can you do with a diploma from Moorehouse beside line a birdcage? Worthless, unless you go to work for the government which most blacks do anyway.

    • nicholasi

      “What can you do with a diploma from Moorehouse beside line a birdcage?” Wipe your ass?

  228. nvcdude

    Oh yeah. tolerance huh!? Tolerance of everything but thought.

  229. kestrel27

    Just more of that wonderful, Oh so tolerant “Liberalism” in action. You know them well. If you don’t agree with them 110% of the time, you will be destroyed. How do you Libs deal with your hypocrisy? Does it even ever occur to you what twisted loons you really are?

  230. black unemployment has skyrocketed under obama…if this were a honky in office, you know there would be blood….it’s that simple….obama, not only has failed in his experiment as president, he has enslaved the black culture to the bondage of the federal government teat

  231. Steven Felton

    here is an email address to get close to Wilson.

    Copy paste your comments placed here in the above address

  232. JoeBatters

    Liberals hate being reminded that there are two sides to any issue.

  233. TexasVetgal

    When a college bans individuals for criticism of Ob0Zo, it time to revoke teaching licenses of that college… They are obviously racist.

    • Just shut off their research grants for butterfly sh.t, more black studies, etc, etc. and they will dry up and blow away. No free stuff, no research, higher tuitions, fewer students. These colleges degrees are as worthless as flypaper now and would be completely a nothing burger shortly.

  234. restoreliberty

    the failure of the Zero must be protected at all costs – just like every other failure of the AA community – everything must be swept under the rug and the acceptance of chronic failure must continue to reign

  235. Steven Felton

    send emails of your comments to his assistant

  236. Another example of our stupid PC attempt to “diversify” our society through coercion. The man should be angry anyone is selected due to the flavor of their race, gender, etc. We should be outraged as a society that we are not hiring the most qualified candidate for every job, in government or otherwise. By doing so, we would raise all ships. By hiring by flavor, we are only pretending which is not a valid strategy.

  237. caligula

    don’t insult the dear leader! LOLOLOLOLOL

  238. Ruthie3

    The sad part is that the Rev. has the facts on his side. Since they can’t refute them, they shut him down.

  239. This is one reason our educational is such a pathetic mess.

  240. xJonx

    Why is it ok for Obama to be racist by giving someone more consideration than someone else based on skin color? Why does the black community insist that I racially profile all blacks as inferior to me and thus deserving of greater wellbeing than their individual relative worth?
    I’m NOT a racist. Yet, ironically, my choice is to become a racist or risk being called a racist.

  241. disqus_Wy6ya5RysR

    aand they worry about the word nigger

  242. can anybody spell “totalitarian” at this institution of, cough, higher learning?

  243. Gramps_4_fun

    So much for being a learning institution…

    Just another Indoctrination Center for Liberalism….

  244. 12whitefeet

    I think Morehouse College should have a political event to give their current students fair and equal balance of political parties. During regular class hours, certainly there is only indoctrination of leftist ideals. So they should invite, Herman Cain, Alan West, Ben Carson, Mia Love, Conde Rice, and the list can go on. There are plenty of parents out here, who have had it with the liberal domination at these colleges.

  245. Joe Pelletier

    Punish anyone who dares to exercise their democratic rights by disagreeing with the President.

    This is what we have come to. The America of 1776 is dead. The new Socialist/Communistic States of America has arrived on platform 1. Our forefathers would weep for what America has become. The land of the controlled masses who are fed what they are to believe, under continuous monitoring through surveillance cameras, with internal checkpoints, people who are apathetic about their freedom, who only care that they can go to the mall and buy, buy, buy, and destruction of the US Constitution as it was framed more than 230 years ago.

  246. Ah, racism… the liberal ace-in-the-hole.

    • vince

      I know you meant ace of SPADES you racist!! (jk…lol;)

  247. RetiredArmyGuy

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  248. GD apes w/blk studies degrees adapting the PHD degree (Silv anus) out of thin air who actually know less than the street corner counterpart do more harm to their “brothers” and “sisters” who are afraid the free gravy train (bomaphones, food stamps, etc) might dry up if we actually got leaders who know what they are talking about (Johnson). I am referring to, besides S, jesse Jackson, Farrikan, Obongo, and all the rest.

  249. Irving Canfield

    So much for what they call “education.” Obama operates surrounded by pet poodles. His reign is one of insider cliques. Be PROUD you don’t suck up, pastor!

  250. The bobster

    Sorry, conservative blacks aren’t allowed off the plantation.

    • DaveLCAC

      I’m not sure Johnson can be labled a conservative black, he is actually left of Morehouse.

  251. Dear Rev. Johnson who are you and your congregants going to vote for again, bet it will be Democrats, so why would those in power care what you think? You’re good little slaves to the party, always reliably voting ‘rat no matter what happens, so no one cares about you, well done, the new darlings of the party are the Hispanics, African American’s as so yesterday’s news, enjoy your irrelevant serfdom ;)

  252. Vince

    This peon pastor DARED to criticize Master Obama?? Off with his head.

  253. conspunk

    I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more, if they had known they were slaves – Harriet Tubman

  254. Just like Progressives. They claim to be open minded and inclusive, they even go so far as allowing their students to run around half naked while insulting the church or letting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spout his poison to our children in our schools. But when a Conservative wants to attend a public function they have to shout Conservatives down, riot or simply silence them administratively, because being inclusive and open minded has absolutely nothing to do with Liberalism.

  255. That’s the definition of “tolerance” in the socialist dictionary: “We believe in tolerance for people of all colors, sexual orientation and national origin. We however will not tolerate people with political opinions different from our own”

  256. you just gotta love dem liberal instamatutions of highah learnin’ not only was he shut out for critizing “our lord and savior” Ovomit, his criticism was that basically Ovomit’s “posse” wasn’t BLACK ENOUGH! you just can’t make this stuff up.

  257. markgl

    The Obama machine at work.

  258. Twoiron

    In the upside down world of Liberalism, tolerance means “only Liberal ideas are allowed to be spoken here.”

    Their narrow-mindedness is legion.

  259. The only diversity not allowed on college campuses is the diversity of ideas.

  260. sarah

    it,s amazing that blacks continue to buy into the slave mentality that if you go against massah we gonna be givin, you a beetin, liberals espouse tolerance but can,t tolerate an alternative view. wake up african americans and just be americans.

  261. Captain Reynault

    Liberals are TOLERANT of you up to a point — and that point is “as long as you agree with us.” “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

  262. Don’t you love how liberals respect diversity of opinion?

  263. Obama is a long legged Mack Daddy

  264. Scooterbum

    It is quite easy to read between the lines…Morehouse told Rev. Johnson to sit in the back of the bus, shut up and take a ride back to the plantation.

  265. Kevin Stowell

    Back to the plantation with you!

  266. nicholasi

    Jew Sammy D. (member of Jew Howie Levey’s Church of Satan) tried 2 xplain tings 2 Nixon:

  267. Paul

    So, Reverend Johnson is upset because there are too many white people in O’s cabinet ? Sounds like you got a touch of the racist bug there, good Rev ( I’m sure that Jesus is delighted with your complaint, you wonderful man of God ). And criticizing your fellow travelers is not a recommended practice these days, if you wish to speak in the leftist infested world of ‘academia’. What goes around comes around..

    • nicholasi

      There are proportionately less Whites in the cabinet than in the population.

      • Paul

        The left is supposedly seeking a ‘colorblind’ society. Yet one of Johnson’s complaints is that it’s too white. As a ‘Reverend’, he should be above that kind of thing and act accordingly. But he sounds like another well known supposed ‘Reverend’ – Al Sharpton. It seems to me that the only difference between the two is that Sharpton knows how to keep his mouth shut, when it comes to criticizing fellow leftists. He knows who butters his bread.

  268. nicholasi

    Obongo to Negroes, hell to everyone except his Jew masters:

  269. Katherine McChesney

    More people, blacque or White should be criticizing obama for destroying the country. And btw, we could do more for blacques but they’d never improve their culture. They’d just commit more crimes.

  270. nicholasi

    The One: “”To avoid being mistaken for a white sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.”

  271. nicholasi

    When America was last run by White men:

    NIXON: Jewish families are close, but there’s this strange malignancy that seems to creep among them … radicalism. I can imagine how the fact that Ellsberg is in this must really tear a fella like Henry to pieces … or Garment. Just like the Rosenbergs and all that. It just has to kill them. I feel horrible about it.

    ZIEGLER: Could make up an English name.

    HALDEMAN: – Rosenstein could change his name. [general laughter]

    ZIEGLER: It is right. It’s always an “Ellsberg.’

    NIXON: Every one’s a Jew. Ellsberg’s a Jew. Halperin’s a Jew.

    HALDEMAN: Gelb’s a Jew.

    NIXON: But there are [unclear] … Hiss was not a Jew. Very interesting thing. So few of those who engage in espionage … are Negroes. In fact, very few of them become Communists. If they do, they like, they get into Angela Davis … they’re more the capitalist type. And they throw bombs and this and that. But the Negroes. … Have you ever noticed any Negro spies?

    HALDEMAN: Not intellectual enough, not smart enough – not smart enough to be spies.

    NIXON: The Jews…the Jews are, are born spies. You notice how many of them are just in up to their necks?

    HALDEMAN: A basic deviousness.

  272. tlc1532

    No free speech for you Rev. You must get back on the democratic plantation! It’s a mortal sin to point out the mendacity of THE ONE. Never send your children to Morehouse. Try to find a college that educates rather than indoctrinates. Hillsdale would be a good choice.

  273. nicholasi

    The Big Sh!t in the White House: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

  274. nicholasi

    Nixon on Negroes: “I have the greatest affection for them , but I know they’re not going to make it for 500 years. They aren’t. You know it, too. The Mexicans are a different cup of tea. They have a heritage. At the present time they steal, they’re dishonest, but they do have some concept of family life. They don’t live like a bunch of dogs, which the Negroes do live like.”

  275. Free speech? Sounds more like stupid speech! Prove that Obama had a variety of black qualified candidates to select! Obama doesn’t need to have a bunch of Hank Johnsons spouting stupidity like when he was worried the island of Guam might “tip over”! Obama, when off teleprompter, says enough stupid things as it is! The man doesn’t need any more help from other Cabinet members. He’s got Joe, too!

    • marque2

      Hmm, yes you have a point. His comments are subject to debate, however they should not be subject to politically correct censure. This pastor is on Obama’s, he just thinks Obama isn’t doing it fast enough for his tastes. It is pretty thin skinned to can him for making minor complaints like that.

    • nicholasi

      Newsflash! Guam jes’ dun tip over, so he wuz rite all ‘long. Dat fuss wuz jes’ all dat “white science” was lying ’bout him not know nuffin’.

  276. Spiritofthebayonet

    Sad but not surprising, and the irony is that Obama is only half-Black and his citizenship is derived from his mother not his father and he was reared by a White mother, an Asian step-father and White grandparents.

  277. John Brittingham

    The truth has to be sacrificed for the liberal ideology to survive.

  278. nicholasi

    Bubba’s already speechifyin’ dat Obama he too white yo, an’ dey ain’ gon’ be satisfy yo till dey gits a real Kunta Kinte black-ass Negro inta da white house yo.

  279. Any speech which is contrary to that mandated by the radical left is hate speech. Obama makes Nixon’s paranoia look like reality. He and his handlers will do anything to prevent any a hint of dissent from occurring in or around him.

    The facts are clear. Obama has forsaken the black community and moved uptown to the support the bankers and wall streeters who have devastated the inner cities for fun and immense profit.

  280. VeteranJack48

    Now there is some ‘real’ tolerance demonstrated at an institution of higher learning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  281. sandlapper

    Thank you to the two dozen pastors who stood up to Morehouse and demanded he be re-invited! This is just outrageous. Have some balls, President Wilson! What a coward!

  282. sammy4231

    That’s funny. The pastor expressed narcissistic division tendency, preferring the president hire and make policy in terms of color. In return, the university rejects him as a speaker for his anti-black-president sentiment before lying about that not being the reason.
    The politics of racism sure are a mess.

  283. rennyangel2

    More liberal hatred on view. They are all for free speech as long as it is their free speech. Not yours.
    Bork’m and give ozero another defeat. Call the Sen. to vote NO on the immig “reform” bill meant to add another 11 million to liberal rolls: 202-224-3121 and join for free Numbers USA and send free faxes to the Sen.

  284. nicholasi

    If’n it look like shi’, yu muss aqui’

  285. Grimwinder

    ““If President Wilson turns his back on one of our most distinguished alums because of an exercise of free speech and political commentary, he will have set Morehouse on a dangerous course and departed from the great tradition bequeathed to us,” Rev. Dr. Amos Brown of the Third Baptist Church in San Francisco, Ca. told East Atlanta Patch, which aggregated the comments of other outraged alums.”

    When the voice of reason in an argument comes from San Francisco, you know you’re in trouble.

  286. SoCalJeanne

    Obama has sold the black community right back into slavery and they never saw it coming. They become more enslaved daily by Obama phones and lifelong ghetto living, discouraged from making a success of their lives and hatred for those that have. All in the attempt to gain votes and power for those that enslave them. Shame on all the black leaders for not recognizing it, speaking out and for not supporting those that do. This church is just another example. Look at the riches that black leaders enjoy, all at the cost of their drones.

    • nicholasi

      Obama … never … did … anything. He’s never had a job. He’s just a puppet … for … The Jew.

  287. Willh33

    Yeah buddy, the tolerance of caring people the libturds are.

  288. Paladin

    it’s simple… freeloaders love him, and he exploits them… have you ever noticed how he marginalizes the productive?

  289. See how open to others the liberal commies are????

    It just warms us so.

  290. nicholasi

    If’n yu’z minority Wite, den you gots ta fite!

  291. Guest

    Next stop, lunch counters and drinking fountains that say “LIBERALS ONLY” Until you’re registared with the left get to the back of the bus.

    • mountainman6727

      It’s already happening here in Colorado,,,not literally but in Boulder for instance on the Pearl street mall. You have to be a liberal to shop there without getting “the Look”

  292. Next stop, lunch counters and drinking fountains that say-”LIBERALS ONLY” Until you’re registered with the left get to the back of the bus.

  293. Ha-ha, leftists fighting each other, almost as good as leftists fighting with their jihadi allies.

  294. zonable

    Morehouse College = Liberal “stink” tank.

  295. KeiMechiso

    Free speech and tolerance as long as you agree with progressives and ethnocentric bigots. I guess he is not black enough for them. What stereotypes do blacks consider black enough that when spoken by non blacks are consider demeaning and racist.

  296. John Cook

    Ahhh the open minded thinking of a Communist, Socialist and Liberal…

  297. donniea

    Really, was that all he had to complain about with this president, the worst president in US history.

  298. You liberals continue to show us all what lies beneath your mask every day. You are the definition of intolerance.

  299. TheTruthIsNotPC

    Obviously, Rev. Kevin Johnson is a racist. There is no other motive in criticizing the first black president. None.

  300. Doug Wallace

    Morehouse President John Silvanus Wilson, Jr. should be fired immediately without any pay!! So apparently you can only criticize republicans in colleges and universities. Censorship sux!!

  301. It must become understood what the problem is in the Ideology permeating the liberal-progressive plantation. The victim ideology spread through race hustlers like Jackson, Sharpton and the NAACP.

    People like Ben Carson, Walter William, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas and others who have rejected the victim label should be held up and recognized as great men and fine examples, but they are a threat to the race hustlers and power hungry and thus are ridiculed and lied about.

    How else can the party that fought Civil Rights and created the KKK, Jim Crow and Eugenics have so much Black support now.

  302. Welcome to 1984 and the censorship of “New Speak”.

  303. More reasons that nobody is hiring black Americans.

  304. zonable

    Morehead College is an all male college for black men ONLY in Atlanta, Georgia. Where’s the diversity here??

  305. ronniehonduras

    Intellectual integrity on college campuses is a joke. Either you conform, or you’re purged.

  306. MacDaddyWatch

    You can take the Mau Mau out of the jungle…

    …but you can’t take the jungle out of the Mau Mau.

    Amazing how quickly and easily some folks can disqualify themselves for being hired and employed in a civilized society.

  307. Tim Barons

    I hope Nickolasi doesn’t consider himself a Christian because what a rude surprise he has awaiting for him! Every spiritual blessing we have as Christians we owe to the Jewish people! If there were no Jewish people there would be no patriarchs, no prophets, no disciples, no Bible and no Messiah. Jesus/Yeshua said himself that salvation was from the Jews. So follow your leader Adolph Hitler who declared himself a life long Roman Catholic (and STILL hasn’t been excommunicated by Rome) but where you’re going Nickolasi ( unless you repent and trust Christ as your Saviour) you won’t be needing any warm clothes.

    • truckee22


      • oeb25

        He wasn’t remotely “tolerant.” Anyone in the SS for instance, had to give up any thoughts of following any religion.

        tim Barons is one of those bible thumpers, who though well meaning have NO IDEA of history from the anti-Catholic BS their backwoods pastors taught them.

        [Hint Timmy: “The Young Hitler I Knew” is a book written by Hitler’s teenage friend August Kubizek. In it Kubizek says that even when he 1st knew Hitler at age 15, Hitler DID NOT GO TO CHURCH. Now, stop prattling like your ignorant backwoods pastor. ]

  308. goodone2

    So much for freedom of speech…..Tolerance, and diversity………..

    • truckee22

      Liberals only believe in Freedom of Speech if they agree with it. Otherwise, it’s ‘hate speech’ and needs to be supressed. And they are the “open minded” ones?

    • heza_nidiot

      “Thoughts and words which deviate from the approved narrative will not be tolerated.”

      – National Socialist Democrat Workers Party

  309. rockinrobinhood

    How dare this Pastor try to leave the Democrat Plantation!!

  310. Schmoe

    “disinvited”? is that like “unfriended”?

  311. NolanWhelan

    Read the story. I would ban him too. More black cabinet posts? Yuck.

  312. Tim Barons

    Truckee22 read Nickolasi’s hate filled missives and you’ll understand my post.

  313. Sad you either agree with der fuehrer or face abuse.

  314. CJ Haze

    Know who started Morehouse? A White republican.

  315. usa777777

    liberals are failures at life. they admit it by voting the way they do.

  316. Black, White, Maroon – Liberal Colleges are All the
    Same: A bastion of free speech, the exchange of free ideas, a moral and education model for all Colleges? Morehouse is definitely not! Like all
    Liberal Colleges, at Morehouse, it seems you can only truly present different ideas if you conform to the Liberal ‘Black’ Worldwide. It’s shameful that
    American universities, colleges, and most of the media are intolerant of those who do not ‘tow the line.’ Rev Kevin Johnson is not welcome at Morehouse! He’s black and critical of Obama, Liberal ideas, whatever. Traitor and cultural
    heretic! The infamous ‘Uncle Tom!’ Rev Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, black hate-mongers: ‘come all ye’ to Morehouse and express yourself! “Free, Free at Last.” I grew up during the 60′s. It was a period of ‘hope and wonder.’ Change
    you could believe in. I believe and hope that Rev Martin Luther King would find the state of race relations in America today little better than in his time! Maybe, need I say, even worst! The hate and vitriol expressing itself in all media is changing the way I act, feel and speak. The roles are being reversed, as they always are, have been, and will be. The past can never be forgotten or forgiven! People ‘only do unto others’ worst than what was done to them! The cycle never ends!

  317. Shears_of_Atropos

    He forgot: when it comes to blacks, all the brothers are valiant and all the sisters are virtuous. Thou shalt speak no evil of them, but speak only praises.

  318. batcountry

    PC will be used as a instrument of persecution against Christians.

  319. radical1a

    Well at least they are not killing people who oppose the Chicago jesus yet or are they ?

  320. Mike

    If you ask me, Johnson is better off. With the Big 0 as key note speaker, that is the absolute last commencement ceremony I would want to attend. It would be like Churchill at a Hitler convention.

  321. twinelm

    Welcome to the new American (Communist) reality. All one has to do is study the history of USSR for a few minutes to see the similarity of the Dems’ attempted stranglehold on free speech and expression. How DARE this pastor break the mold and call out the emperor, “He has no clothes”. I fear we are entering a time when ONLY GOD FEARING FOLKS CAN SEE THIS. The rest are under a “strong delusion.”

  322. ms20

    There will be no criticism of our Dear Leader. Its a new world. Isnt it? Not a better one certainly, but new nonetheless.

  323. RussFelix

    Morehouse has the right to choose the commencement speaker of their choice. It is easy to spin this to make Morehouse seem political but I’m the real reason for his rejection was just a better alternative.

  324. Cogito

    Blacks are racist against blacks. Go figure!

  325. Duh

    So I’m thinking that that group of black pastors who came to the defense of the first black pastor perhaps wouldn’t have been so indignant if the critical black pastor had criticized Obama for being TOO LIBERAL on something – anything. What d’ya think??

  326. Tolerance by the PC crowd is a one way street.

  327. StageCoachDriver

    I guess Morehouse must be an A-A college and can’t tolerate ideas contrary to its own.

    As the United Negro College Fund says “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Or should it be “A mind is a dangerous thing to enlighten?”

  328. Cogito

    Add to the overwhelming evidence that the Leftist owned and operated school system has sucessfully taught students WHAT to think and not How to think.

  329. TimesTheyAreAChanging

    Typical Marxist/Leninist behavior censoring dissent.

  330. Realright

    This is just another case of our first amendment rights being eroded. These individuals at Morehouse should welcome dissent and debate. I think Obama is the most incompetent radical left-wing prez we have ever had. But you can’t say that to a liberal or black crowd. Shame!

  331. rover33

    No group has been harmed more by Liberalism and Obama than blacks. Yet they continue to support him. It’s hard to understand. I don’t know if it’s just shear stupidity or insanity or what, but they are missing the boat in a big way by continuing to embrace liberalism, Democrats and B H Obama.

    • bobofromtexas

      No, it’s all about getting paid. It always is. As long as you, as the President so aptly noted, spread a little money around to the right folks and give others some nice jobs (see Obama, Michelle), the rest of the “community” will follow in lockstep.

      • rover33

        Isn’t what you’ve just described the classic definition of stupidity?

        • bobofromtexas

          Not necessarily stupid, but most certainly ignorant.

    • oeb25

      It’s not PC to say, but read “The Bell Curve.” millions of blacks are well educated, but as a group, their IQ is below normal. Always judge each person as an individual — but as a *group* I’d hate to have to rely on the “average IQ.” of that group. The wheel might not have been invented if they were the only ones on the planet.

  332. Thou shalt not disparage “The One”.
    Tolerance is for dolts sayeth the left.

  333. beachbum207

    So much for diversity!!!!! Disagree with the village idiot and get banned for life.

  334. Ratt

    Too bad they couldn’t have lost faith in Obama before the election. I still believe those 12 Million Absentee ballots from ACORN stole this last election.

    • oeb25

      It says a lot that in NO STATE where there was a picture ID check did O’butthead win – and in no state where you didn’t have to show ID did comrade zero lose. Democraps are afraid of an HONEST vote.

  335. newbedfprd

    I graduated from a third rate law school 20 years ago. Somehow, someone convinced Clarence Thomas to be the commencement speaker. What an honor, particularly for such a marginal institution. The dean wrote an op ed in the local paper calling Justice Thomas an Uncle Tom. I felt it was innappropriate to say the least. I’m no Obama supporter, but when the president of the United States agrees to speak at your commencement, I think it is time for the faculty to show some respect.

    • Rob

      Did you read the article? Third rate indeed.

      • oeb25

        Obvious newbedfprd didn’t read the article, because the dumbass would have known that a) the guy was an alum, not a faculty member, and b) even if he HAD been a faculty member, so what? Obama isn’t owed fealty by every faculty member! Even if he does think he is Queen Dick.

    • nicholasi

      Real patriots would piss on this jumped out mulatto tart for The Jew.

  336. Then the Rev. Johnson should show-up as planned with a ten-minute speech in hand, there should be plenty of Media there to capture the moment.

    • ImJustAGuy

      The fawning Obama media will then just look for excuses to attack Rev. Johnson.

  337. RowdyYates

    Chairman Obozo takes care of the black community like a hungry fox takes care of the chickens. What is sad is that they cannot see this truth with clear eyes and they continue to listen to his “seducing spirit” that is leading them and others right down into the pit.

  338. Blacks gotta line up straight on the democRat plantation, or else.


  339. everfriend

    Forget that he passed over black candidates for his Cabinet. What about passing over millions of blacks needing jobs with his immigration bill?! The most destructive, malignant presidency in history.

  340. Morehouse is a racist institution, It teaches racism and promotes it.

  341. nicholasi

    Oy gewalt! Don’t mention The Jew! All these patriotard morons on here think they’re so “outside the system, maaan” when they’re too busy on their knees fellating The Jew’s mutilated prick to care about the nogs packing their fudge. America is a sewer and a b1tch for The Jew and the sooner it sinks into it’s own septic waste the better for everyone else. This filth that the US is sinking under is the price it must pay for playing the harlot for Christ-killers.

  342. liberals hatin’ liberals because one dared to challenge dear leader on his record. See how badly they want to protect this failed POS

  343. nicholasi

    If you’re not naming the Jew who’s sh!tting all over the USA then you’re just jerking off in public.

  344. This is what most colleges and universities in the USA would do. They’ll allow almost any form of human opinion other than those that outright oppose their dominant philosophy and agendas..even folks like NAMBLA are more welcome than effective criticism or alternative conservative views…Ted

  345. Reality Check

    Obama’s bitches….plain and simple

  346. mavrick

    Morehouse , traditional black college getting hate mail and post by the right wing nut jobs …Not a surprise. and yes you can have your Uncle Tom at Tea baggers rally

    • oeb25

      You would have been the guy who snitched at the Hitler youth rally because his personal enemy didn’t shout “Seig Heil” loud enough.

      • mavrick

        I hate to state the obvious but 95% of black voted for him and 75% hispanics along with 65% of Asians . You can divide that which you dont really understand, people are more than characters on FoxNews.

        • Michael Bingham

          Oh look another little piss ant whining because people who don’t agree with what this college did are expressing their opinions.

          Does baby want a pacifier?

        • oeb25

          They deserve to suffer too – as does everyone who voted for him.

    • Mavrick has kicked the Pastor from the black race and branded him an Uncle Tom because he didn’t bow low enough to the Liberal slave owner.

  347. gary

    don’t criticize the messiah

  348. oeb25

    It’s official, according to Morehouse, O’s crap doesn’t stink. Ever. Even when the person is generally in favor of their Messiah. Enjoy the high black youth unemployment rate, fools. It’s all you deserve.

  349. Nathan Kippert

    freedom of speech ain’t free, unless we all agree.

  350. Stan

    Oh those tolerant liberals!!!

  351. the jews are black american

    as a black man in this country i don’t deal with the system, the hell with the hole dam political party repub or dem. i don’t agree with none of them. why? cause i look at my people today and see what a government can do to a conquered nation both party have blood on their hand, so i won’t lean to the left or right. im sticking to the god of my fathers and it ain’t no white man with a Greek name zues i mean jesus

  352. Dianewe

    What’s undert the covers will come out the head and Feet.

    • Michael

      Or as an old Carolina pastor used say:

      “What’s down in the well is what comes up in the bucket.”

  353. The timing is suspicious!

  354. the jews are black american

    when the black man wake up america is going to have a problem

    • Henry Lancaster

      when he “wake up”…we’ll send him to school.

  355. Deserttrek

    the left wing bigots strike again. obama is killing the black population and they stupidly follow

  356. jnsesq

    Ironic. Instead of a conservative black pastor being disinvited — oh, wait! A conservative never would have been invited in the first place — we have a fellow Marxist who can’t come for telling the prez he’s just not actin’ black enough, yo.

  357. Jack Olthoff

    BULLSH*T, they did it to kowtow to Emperor Obama and would do it again
    Where is the black community’s anger at this, if it was a black pastor at white college they would be all over it

    • mavrick

      the Pastor needs to learn his role .. back of the bus please

  358. gavinwca

    A good old Fascist,Liberal, Racist Anti American Brainwashing so called College. I hope taxpayer money is not financing this joke of free speech.

    • mavrick

      you sure have alot of account to spew your hate .. have a nice life ..tea-bagger

      • gavinwca

        I did not censer anyone’s speech the so called President of Morehouse did, that is not hate on my part it’s Fascism on his.

  359. vanillasteve

    Pathetic. Maybe we should all march in place too.

  360. Phillip

    Keep the Negroes in line with the party of Jim Crow

    • mavrick

      Wow . you went there .. that was very white of you

      • Beedogs

        The southern democrats implemented Jim Crow laws, and the KKK. Republicans freed blacks from those democrat racists. Senator Richard Bryd was a KKK Grand Kegel, and democrats reelected that racist until the old bigot finally DIED. You liberals are still pigeon holing people by race, religion, and creed today. WHEN will you just let us be America?

  361. KG1

    If they didn’t disinvite Rev Johnson because of his comments then it must be because he was black, right?

  362. necod

    Of course. They can’t racisize him. Bastards of our country.

  363. gmbith

    Good. This pastor is a racist and has a problem with a white person being given a job. So screw him. The college did the right thing by disinviting him. Racists shouldn’t be allowed to speak at college ceremonies.

  364. CitizenKK

    Black on black hate…no different than black on black crime…when will people ever realize the liberal progressive agenda is designed to hurt all communities of people….

    • open_left

      And we all know there is no such thing as white on white hate or crime.

      • CitizenKK

        Calm down sonny…like most liberal progressives…you are only a good boy when you agree with the good boys…you failed to inject your faux racism…

  365. C.E.

    Some black pastor’s have an idol called “race” that gets in the way of all things pertaining to God! They cannot live a meaningful life without being blinded by their own race, and hatred for any race outside of their own. So, who are the racists?

    Classify this one with Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton!

    Ignorance at it best!

  366. biglipzulu

    How dare a Black college God be not worshiped and not praised. All Negros worship the Holy President and his vacation taking at taxpayer expense wife!

    • open_left

      Using the word negro wont turn the clock back for you sorry.

  367. SunnyJS

    So hard to comprehend the full context of this Univ.’s President and community if they support this action.
    Is it possible that the same community of black citizens that continue to publicly blame slavery and white suppression for their ills…….is it really possible they are suppressing and infringing on the rights of members of their own community? Who’s the suppressor now?

  368. historyshowsus

    At least they are equal opportunity banners.

  369. Americaweeps

    “The Rev. Kevin Johnson, a Morehouse alumnus and the senior pastor of Bright Hope Baptist Church in North Philadelphia, Pa., wrote an opinion column earlier this month in the Philadelphia Tribune accusing Obama of neglecting the black community in his cabinet picks–they’re overwhelmingly white–and broader political agenda.”

    Obama has negected the entire nation, not just the black community.

  370. Americaweeps

    obama could care less about the black community. They were the first ones that he threw under the bus.

    • GiantClam

      obbamma’s first and only concern is obbamma The Magnificent. He was at least smart enough to recognize that white libs would lose their cookies over him, if he were to become a candidate – and he rode them right into the oval office. He knew he had fraud, corruption, and the media on his side regardless of what he said or did.

  371. MohammedTheTeddyBear

    Bruthas & Sistuhs, let us pray……

    Holy 0Bama, who art in DC,
    Hallowed be thy Name.
    Thy Dictatorship come.
    Thy will be done in America,
    As it is in Riyadh, Cyprus & Beijing.
    Give us this day our daily welfare-checks.
    And forgive us our car-jackings,
    As we throw those we think offends us into jail.
    And lead us not into fiscal responsibilty,
    But deliver us unto al-Qaeda.
    For thine is the Giverment,
    The IRS, and the UN,
    For ever and ever.

  372. John Galt

    If you are not 100% with them, they will try to destroy you. There is no tolerance for diversity of opinion in the Socialist realms.

  373. MohammedTheTeddyBear

    Clearly, Morehouse and the Holiest 0Bama prefer pastors who say “god d*mn Amerikkka!”, and not folks who say “god d*mn 0Bama!”

  374. dad

    most blacks are communist sycophants of the evil black muslim

  375. stanwill2

    So much for freedom of speech.

  376. Beedogs

    Get back on the democrat plantation reverend. Free black men with differing opinions from group think are not allowed. On the plantation or else they will call you names like Uncle Tom or Oreo.
    The slavery of the liberal mindset demands you comply.

  377. He criticized the anointed one? Wow — I guess he didn’t get the memo it was verboten – lol

  378. garylee123

    Typical tolerant liberals.

  379. guido350

    Boy have we been snookered, by this so called President. Congratulations to all the Liberals, Progressive, Muslins, dead people, Socialists, who voted for this FRAUD.

  380. Breezeyguy

    Obama wins because he’s part white.

  381. Ricardo Queso

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

  382. BarrysHypocrisy

    How dare he criticize messiah Obama. I’m sure when they “dis-invited” him, they called him an Uncle Tom.

  383. Obama should be banned from speaking anywhere in the U.S.

    • GiantClam

      Just wait until he leaves office (not guaranteed) – he’ll triple his wealth to $50 million with a revisionist book deal and the lecture circuit, at $200K a pop. And his devoted followers will lap it up.

  384. James

    Wow. Sounds like we’re living in a Dictatorship. Criticize Chairman Mao and you’ll be punished. This is not America anymore. What ever happened to diversity of opinion?

  385. calimani

    Typical liberal, black, hypocrites. Pathetic losers.

  386. Troy

    I know Obama is trying to hurt America on purpose. Better ban me for life.

  387. open_left

    Now this is something to behold.All of these right wing racist posting about a tradition black college.Most of them have no idea why they were founded in the first place.Or they want to pretend they don’t know.

    I am sure The Rev. Kevin Johnson has better manners than the ill mannered red neck Joe Wilson Republican U.S. Representative from South Carolina and will not shout out while the president is trying to speak.I too think he should be re invited.He has a right to his opinion.

    President Obama is the president of the USA(except racist right wingers) he just happens to be black.

    • Paul

      I think you have it bass ackwards. If you read the article, you would have noticed that it is the good ‘Reverend” Johnson, who was bitten on his ass by the race bug. You’re a clown !

    • Bob USAF(ret)

      I believe you need a heavy dose of laxatives like the typical hypocritical, racist left wingers.

  388. wakeupamerica333

    Does Hugo Chavez society ring a bell?

  389. gardengnome132

    The oh-so-tolerant left shows its true colors once again.

  390. Testicules

    Cue the mindless liberal sheep to start bleating “Racist! Racist! RAAAAAAAAACIST!!!” 3, 2, 1…

  391. It is very hard not to be in despair over the direction of our world and nation! Pray for the the Lord Jesus himself to intervene, our only real hope!

  392. Hans

    Too many black football and basketball players. Fix it you racists!

  393. Steve PA

    I pray these folks get it. This President is only your friend if you support his policies, black or not. It’s not a particular race he’s after, it’s an ideology. And blacks have for the most part supported him anyway. I pray this changes. One group we know he supports is those who follow radical Islam. He can’t even speak the words. He also loves gays and women who demand abortions just for convenience sake. Maybe this pastor can issue a wake-up call to all African Americans as well as Hispanics. This President and his policies are dangerous to the nation and getting moreso every day.

  394. Hans

    Imagine if there was a college for only white people.

    • Bob USAF(ret)

      Imagine if whites voted for a white presidential candidate 90+ % because he was white. .

  395. jcd0101

    Gee what a shock..
    Liberals now are going after their own.
    The intolerance of the leftists is increasingly looking more like
    the Nazi Gestapo..

  396. Morehouse is just another black college that hands out diplomas like their free toilet paper

  397. dwstick

    Criticize the Dear Leader, pay the price!

  398. ac287149

    If true, that stinks.

  399. AlmostaCowboy

    THAT was his criticism? That there aren’t enough blacks (socialists, Victim-crats, and miscreants) in his cabinet? Blacks are less than 13% of the population but hold 21% of gov’t jobs already.

  400. This proves my theory that anyone disagreeing with Obama is a racist!! Wait…What?

    • Bob USAF(ret)

      Rush Limbaugh predicted that would happen before President Zero even won his first term.

      • buffonelder101

        a broken clock is right twice a day

        • MohammedTheTeddyBear

          So, a broken clock is correct 2 more times a day than Prezzie 0bama? That’s even worse than his b-ball shooting %s!!

  401. buffonelder101

    does anyone want to deal with the guy’s main premise that cabinet members should be picked by the color of their skin?

  402. ac287149

    “…Obama has not moved African-American leadership forward, but backwards”. In many ways. If Rev. Johnson was dissed by Morehouse for his opinion of the president, than this is wrong. How sick is it to enforce political correctness and compliance at all costs upon anyone! It is censorship of thought and speech.

    There are reasons to be concerned by the president’s policies after 5 years. Any immigration bill that Barack Obama puts his signature on will permit tens of millions more foreign nationals, mostly Latino, to have the benefits of American citizenship — Blacks will be on the losing end of that deal. There is more poverty in America after 5 years of Barack Obama than there has been in the last 50 years. Blacks have higher unemployment rates than any other demographic under Barack Obama’s tenure. Barack Obama has perfected the doctrine of “leading from behind” in regards to foreign enemies and bullies, so Blacks are also part of the groups who get killed by bombs on streets. He didn’t want the wars he “inherited”, yet keeps getting all our young folk involved more of them.
    His ways are not the ways to move forward

  403. bubba60609

    The leading cause of today’s black dilemma is ignorance. Instead of a great awakening over the past 50+ years, it seems the majority of the black community either doesn’t care about their very existence or they are so blinded by the rhetoric from the left, that there seems to be no future for them. Add in the proposed immigration bill this administration is trying to shove down America’s throat, and it is all but over for them. This will be the proverbial last nail in their collective coffin. And that is quite a shame.

    • GiantClam

      Liberalism, along with islamism (supported by liberals) and the left-wing media, are the greatest threats to American liberty and prosperity. Period.

  404. BlkCon

    I’m glad my parents didn’t waste their money sending me to one of these crappy schools.

  405. pnkearns

    A Black minister complaining about lack of Blacks appointees, a play of the race card, is banned by a Black college claiming special privileges, a play of the race card, for criticizing a Black President, a play of the race card.

    And yet these are all the guys that claim racism still exists?

  406. efred1

    The liberals, and with that I’m saying Democrats, still think they’re the Plantation owners of the African-Americans, and this “uppity nigger” thought he’s too smart/good to play “step-n-fetchit” like the rest of the slave black race, and criticize their Imperious Leader. I’m surprised that the college president and board didn’t make a nighttime visit wearing pointy white hats and white sheets to this pastor’s home, burn a cross in the front yard, rape his wife and daughters, and hang him from the nearest tree (Hey, that’s what the Democrats did; it was NOT the Republicans).
    Oh, and I think the college’s president protesteth too much, i.e., he’s lying like a sack of crap in the hot sun.

    • dave

      Only a Republican would use that word to describe the left proving once again the GOP is racist.

      • Nice try, but it didn’t work. We all understood the context, and to claim that no Democrat would ever use the N-word is proof that you have never heard of rap/hip-hop or ever seen any of the programming on BET.

      • Only an intellectually bankrupt, morally anchorless, intentionally malicious, narrow-minded liberal-leftist could make such a statement as you.

        Seriously, you ought to be embarrassed.

        But, then, you are a liberal-leftist.

      • efred1

        I’m sorry to inform you, but ALL plantation owners were Democrats; the Republican Party was formed in the North in the 1850′s on the Abolitionist Platform, which means that they were against slavery. Many Republicans before the war actively worked to bring slaves into the North to freedom in what was called “The Underground Railroad”.

        After the Democrats lost the Civil War, they became indignant and formed the Klu Klux Klan, to punish the recently freed slaves who were trying to earn a living, get an education, or protested to injustices foisted upon them by the Democrat landowners (the former slaves were generally sharecroppers on their former master’s land). Or for even being so bold as to vote in the public elections.

        White plantation owners, i.e., Democrats, preferred their slaves uneducated, poor, and dependent upon them for their every need. Ever since the “War on Poverty” in the 1960′s, African-Americans have the highest illiteracy rates, the highest rates of poverty, the highest number on government “assistance”, and considering the “vote for Obama, and get an Obamaphone”, I believe that they have achieved their goal, but in a different way.

        I personally, and the GOP party platform agrees as well, wants EVERYBODY to have a fulfilling job, a stable family, a good education, a good church to attend, the ability to provide for oneself and family, and be productive members of society, and NOT dregs of society, or moronic, uneducated zombies who are trained like maze rats to do as the government wants to get their reward. By insisting that the government must control every aspect of people’s lives, from conception to how long they can live, what they eat, where they live, what they wear, what they drive, what they think, what they say, what they worship (the Democrat Party and the government they run), I would say that it’s the Democrat party that’s not only racist, but bigoted.

  407. Greg Webber

    Typical libtards.

  408. So much for academic discussion. No ideas but Obama’s are allowed.

  409. tkdblkblt

    Another typical response from the ever tolerant left who profess that all views are welcome – so long as they agree with the left

  410. Bunch of Obama leg-humpers!

  411. DvoraChesed

    The rustling sound you hear is former Morehouse College donors closing their checkbooks.

  412. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH TNB by these libs.

  413. GiantClam

    You will not criticize THE MESSIAH!

  414. MA Jack

    Diversity is great, as long as it does not include thought.

  415. Voulezvu

    And exactly who is surprised by this?

  416. caiusKeys

    I heard that President Barack Hussein Obama is Oscar winner Jamie Foxx’s personal lord and savior.

  417. Sounds as though someone wants to emulate the life and times of Germany during the 1930′s.

  418. John Paul

    Obama believes things that are in conflict with things that were said by the Lord Jesus Christ, whom he claims to serve. That means that either Obama is a liar or Jesus Christ is a liar. And that leads us to a very scary scenario. This same sort of thing happened in Germany prior to the holocaust. Hitler put his own man in charge of the German Lutheran church, a man who was committed to twisting biblical truth for the purposes of reaching the end goals of the Nazis. Hitler knew that he could not get the help of all the German people without the church. And this is the sort of thing we see happening here. Obama is a false Christian and the pastors he chooses are false prophets.

  419. Cranios

    Johnson “acted stupidly.” You don’t publicly diss a university’s guest of honor before their commencement ceremonies, and expect everyone to be all hunky-dory about it. Dishonorable as Obama may be, it is a great feat for a college to snare a president as baccalaureate speaker, and the place would have been on pins and needles when Johnson came to talk.

    • pnkearns

      Really? How many liberals vented on Bush and his Administration before college commencement ceremonies and then were disinvited to any an Administration member was speaking at?

      A little double standard here my friend?

  420. storibund

    Rush was right. The Left only allows black people to behave in one way.

  421. BluzLover

    “Wait a minute there, Pastor, only certain speech is permitted under the 1st Amendment and we, as liberals, will make that determination as to how and if it fits our agenda and biases.”

    Head of the Political Correctness Wing of the Democrat Party, White House Division.

  422. Sparky_Wan_Kenobi

    Dissenters need not apply.

  423. Tolerance? Nope – control.

  424. It seems that Morehouse (the 13th Grade) decided that diffeerent opinions of Hussein won’t be tolerated. They don’t believe in free speech or freedom of expression.

  425. Ah, vengeance is his game Pastor. And you thought he really cared about blacks. He’s a Marxist/Socialist and you are nobody to him

  426. I say de-fund all colleges until they learn to stop this nonsense.

  427. Jeff Thomas

    Becuase Obama has never experienced the black exeperience he is incapable of fully understanding the struggle however it’s not his fault gullible blacks voted for him twice.

  428. The_Toxic_Avenger

    Sounds like a racist reaction to me.

  429. c t

    if left up to the democrat party and mainstream media all American’s would be subjects to their socialist tyranny. we see them all as liars consumed by greed and envy, cannot be trusted.

  430. remember if you are a minority YOU ARE A SLAVE TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY…you get no choice and no ideas and no freedom of thought

  431. Now we know who were the KKK in the south. When you have a senior senator who set in congress who was a official in the KKK we understand what hypocrits the left are. The are unmoral and liars.

  432. Me. Wright

    Colleges are places of open minded higher learning, just so long as it promotes a liberal agenda.

    College professors are highly educated in the doctrine of the far left hate America crowd. They have a very open mind as long as you agree with their point of view.

    College administrators are very open minded and sensitive to all students except those who believe in Christianity and Conservative thinking.

    Colleges have broad educational standards that allow a variety subjects to be taught. The only exceptions are classes that promotes crazy thoughts like American Exceptionalism and the United States Constitution.

  433. These are radical Universities teaching subversive Marxism and Statist totalitarianism. Absolutely intent on dismantling this country and accomplishing the same thing Fidel Castro did.

  434. Freedom of speech in this country is just an unpracticed theory. . .

  435. god

    You will be punished if you dare to challenge the one.

  436. Another example of why I despise Obama

  437. Henry Lancaster

    Morehouse College…keeping them in line for ‘da Massa since 1867.

  438. Liberal intolerance is palpable. Such hypocrites.

  439. Okay, so they claim they didn’t disinvite him because he criticized Obama. Then why DID they disinvite him? What was the reason? What’s the point in releasing the statement unless you are clarifying why you did it? Duhhhhhh

  440. What’s the reason they disinvited him? Bad breath? Mismatched socks? Failed to change his underwear frequently enough?

  441. rambo jones

    only idiots would expect anything less from liberals. they are vile and mentally challenged at all levels. all should be made to not breed or lay their