Rick Allen, the Republican businessman who was narrowly felled by Lee Anderson in a 2012 primary runoff, has officially launched his second bid at Georgia’s twelfth congressional district, again seeking to dethrone Blue Dog Democrat Rep. John Barrow.

“Our citizens and our communities know how to solve problems – in fact they solve them almost as fast as Washington, D.C. creates them,” stated Allen in a press release. “We need the federal government to stay out of our way and let people help people and businesses create jobs. Sadly John Barrow believes in the centralized, bureaucratic model of big national government. That is out of touch with what works and out of touch with Georgia.”

The announcement makes him the second announced candidate in what’s been expected to be a crowded field of Republicans vying for a shot at taking on the incumbent Barrow. John Stone, who Barrow vanquished by 32 points in 2008, has also made a bid official.

State Senator Tommie Williams of Vidalia had been rumored to be considering a bid, but he recently took himself out of the running. As did Wright McLeod, who placed third to Allen and Anderson in last year’s primary.

Barrow went on to defeat Anderson by a roughly 7-point margin.

-Brandon Howell