Crossfire, featuring Newt GingrichCNN said this week it was exhuming “Crossfire,” the three piece melee that pitted conservative and liberal pundits against one another daily for nearly a quarter century, and was tapping a Georgian as one of four regular co-hosts.

Former Republican White House hopeful Newt Gingrich, the network said, would represent the right, along with conservative columnist S.E. Cupp, and together would spar with former Obama advisors Stephanie Cutter and Van Jones.

The quartet had a preliminary brawl Wednesday–the time on loan from “Piers Morgan Live”–following the Supreme Court’s ruling in two contentious cases concerning gay marriage. The latest iteration is slated to premier this fall, according to the network.

Until its demise in 2005, “Crossfire” ran weeknightly and formerly counted another failed Republican presidential contender, Pat Buchanan, among its stable of hosts. Other prominent faces from the program included libertarian Tucker Carlson and liberal Tom Braden.

– James Richardson