U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey’s fundraising operation slackened during the second quarter, raising a quarter million less than in the previous period, but the Republican still maintains a sizable cash advantage over his three announced rivals.

Gingrey’s full report is not yet publicly available–FEC authorities will close the books on the quarter at midnight tonight, and because Senate tallies are no longer electrically filed that information is not likely to be made public for a couple weeks–but campaign manager John Porter previewed the top-lines by phone Monday.

According to figures shared with Tipsheet, Gingrey raised $415,000 in the last three months and sits on a cash reserve approaching $2.6 million. The Marietta Republican entered the race to succeed Sen. Saxby Chambliss only days before the second quarter opened in April and his initial expenses topped $302,000.

Asked if there was any concern that fundraising has slowed from its pace of $666,000 in the first quarter, Porter said the diminished posting was an expected byproduct of Georgia’s unusually competitive primary cycle.

“There are four or five candidates out there raising money, a litany of congressional candidates,” he said. “A lot of people shaking the bushes here in Georgia.”

Despite the slowed pace in donations, Porter said the campaign was proud of its second quarter fundraising efforts and said that “between 92 and 93 percent” of contributions were by way of in-state donors.

Gingrey narrowly out-raised rival GOP Rep. Paul Broun, who roped in just $385,000, but was eclipsed by Rep. Jack Kingston, who reported $800,000 in receipts for the quarter. Despite losing the second quarter to Kingston, Gingrey still leads his closest competitor by nearly $300,000 in cash on hand.

Numbers for former Secretary of State Karen Handel are still outstanding.

– James Richardson