Democratic Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn aligned herself with President Obama and others calling for a strike on Syria Friday, calling on lawmakers to “stand together to ensure our nation’s credibility.”

“President Assad’s actions are a clear violation of international law. If we do nothing after our early declarations, not only will President Assad be emboldened to use chemical weapons on a larger scale, but Iran will be emboldened to proceed with its development of nuclear weapons and friend and foe around the world will devalue the word of the United States,” read a statement. “I am aware that many Georgians are rightfully leery about getting involved in another military conflict, especially after recent experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. I share those concerns. We should not engage in another extended action at this time, or commit troops on the ground.”

Nunn’s statement further highlighted that her stance put her in alignment with Georgia’s current Republican senators, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, though the latter has increasingly expressed concerns and is not considered a definite supporter.

President Obama himself was absent from the statement’s language.

Nunn’s positioning came on the same day in which a poll, conducted by Rosetta Stone/Landmark, showed that 54 percent of Georgians oppose intervention in Syria, with just 34 percent backing the president’s plan.

Greater still was the number expressing disapproval at Obama’s handling of the situation, clocking in at 56 percent.

-Brandon Howell