As expected, state Senator Jason Carter is tapping his grandfather’s old White House network to fill campaign coffers, with a Washington fundraiser set for next week.

The December 10th event sports a who’s who of alum from Jimmy Carter’s presidential tenure, including former domestic policy adviser Stuart Eizenstat and “advertising guru” Gerald Rafshoon.

“Other hosts include National Geographic Society Executive VP Terry Adamson, who worked in the Justice Department in the Carter administration; Rex Granum, a former ABC News executive who was deputy press secretary to the president; and Robert Pastor, who was a national security aide to Carter,” a report from USA Today reads.

Though Jason Carter is looking to his grandfather’s network in the money race, he’s sought public daylight on matters of policy.

Within a week of his announcement, the elder Carter called for a total ban of the death penalty, met with the dissension from his grandson, who affirmed his belief “in the death penalty for heinous crimes” and stated “that won’t change when I’m governor.”

“It’s important for folks to know I’m Jason Carter. I have my beliefs,” Carter said in a recent Politico report. “He’s Jimmy Carter, he has his.”

“We’re going to have a lot of differences in public,” he continued.

The tightrope of tapping Jimmy Carter’s national network while not appearing a retread in Georgia, a state that’s not sent a Democrat to the Governor’s Mansion since 1998, is Republican forces are well aware of.

The campaign of Governor Nathan Deal has speculated the contest could see itself become a “referendum on President Carter’s who administration.”

Suggested contributions for the DC funder range from $500 a ticket to $1,000 for a host committee spot.

-Brandon Howell