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Deal leads Carter by wide margin

Though Deal doesn't break 50 percent, he doubles Carter's support in a new poll.

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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

A just-released poll, jointly conducted by InsiderAdvantage and Fox 5, pegs Governor Nathan Deal with a commanding lead over state Senator Jason Carter, though he failed to break 50 percent in the survey.

Some 44 percent of respondents expressed support for the incumbent Republican in the survey, compared to just 22 percent for Carter, the lone Democrat in the mix. The remaining 34 percent of respondents said they’d yet to make up their mind.

That Deal didn’t crack the 50 percent threshold is a sign the gap is likely to close as more voters tune into the race. Yet Carter’s numbers were nowhere near those pushed by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling late last year, which declared him to be within striking distance and even leading the governor after respondents heard a brief bio of both.

Those results drew heavy criticism from onlookers for gaming the results and radically altering the state’s electoral composition to allegedly drive the narrative of Carter’s electoral viability.

A release from Insider Advantage notes that the race is likely to tighten, but that Deal “remains a strong favorite” for re-election. It also states that roughly 17 percent of the Republican primary electorate will probably oppose him, a prediction that likely won’t go over well with Dalton Mayor David Pennington and State Schools Superintendent John Barge, both of whom are waging cash-strapped primary challenges.

-Brandon Howell