Michelle Nunn may not want Georgia gun owners to know it, but Michael Bloomberg has taken the title anyways.

With a $350,000 donation to Georgians Together, a super PAC supporting the candidate who called for a rejection of outside money in her race for Senate with David Perdue, the former New York City mayor and gun control advocate has become, in the words of the AJC, “easily the single biggest benefactor to her campaign.”

For added perspective on the significance of Bloomberg’s donation, the group has aired $400,000 worth of ads on her behalf.

Bloomberg maxed out to Nunn’s campaign early on, prompting pro-2nd Amendment onlookers to question how pro-gun a Democrat she would be in the Senate. He previously urged Democratic donors to stop ponying up to candidates and officeholders who refused to comply with his nationwide push.

The National Rifle Association has spent six figures boosting Perdue, including a TV spot aimed at tying Nunn to Bloomberg’s push for more gun control laws.

Nunn’s campaign memo highlighted the need for her to roll out a sportsmen’s coalition at some point during the general election phase, though the constituency it was to be geared towards wasn’t necessarily Georgia voters, but the media. That hasn’t happened yet, but time still remains until Election Day.

At any rate, to our knowledge, Nunn has put no daylight between herself and the ever-controversial Bloomberg.