Rob Woodall was among 17 House Republican defectors who voted down Wednesday a leadership-backed budget resolution authored by fellow Georgian Tom Price.

To settle a dispute between fiscal and defense hawks over military funding, House GOP leadership brought a half-dozen competing budgets, including a pair by House GOP budget chief Price that varied only in the extent to which the Pentagon’s war fund was expanded, to the floor for votes last night.

Price’s amended blueprint, which would goose the war fund by $96 million instead of the $94 million with $20 million in offsets he originally proposed, came out on top with 228-109 vote split.

Woodall voted down that plan and instead backed the more austere blueprint drafted by the conservative Republican Study Committee, of which the Lawrenceville GOPer was most recently chair.

But the Woodall-backed conservative alternative, which zeroed out the deficit four years faster than Price’s spending model, failed with nearly as many Republicans voting against it (112) as for it (132).

A Woodall spokesman did not immediately respond Thursday when asked why the congressman did not vote for both the RSC and Price blueprints.

The other noes, which represent a mix of centrists and hardliners, after the jump:

Justin Amash
Ken Buck
Barbara Comstock
Rick Crawford
Chris Gibson
Tim Huelskamp
David Jolly
Walter Jones
John Katko
Raul Labrador
Frank Lobiando
Thomas Massie
David McKinley
Martha McSally
Mick Mulvaney
David Schweikert
Jim Sensebrenner