A gay rights group is running advertisements on the website of a popular Los Angeles entertainment publication to brow beat the film industry to oppose more forcefully religious liberty legislation that remains stalled in the Georgia General Assembly.

The 158 feature film and television productions shot here in Georgia during the last fiscal year generated an economic impact of $5.1 billion, according to the state Department of Economic Development.

GUAD_VarietySo far, the famously vocal industry has remained silent in the debate over religious freedom, even as other major corporate sectors voiced their opposition.

But Georgia Unites Against Discrimination, a partnership between local Georgia Equality and Washington, D.C-based Human Rights Campaign, hopes the new advertising campaign will loosen Hollywood’s lips in the final two days of the legislative calendar.

The ads are running on the website of Variety, the influential trade publication of the entertainment industry. An official for the group declined to specify the scope of the campaign and instead would only say they were spending “a significant amount.”

The group is sponsoring a series of advertisements on the website, including leaderboards, skyscrapers, and a full branded skin. See the website take-over after the jump.

Georgia Unites Against Discrimination ads