A Georgia Democratic congressman said in a Monday speech that it was “open season” on African American men by bad actors in law enforcement.

Rep. Hank Johnson, who has represented his southwest Atlanta district since 2007, took to the floor of the U.S. House Monday to condemn his colleagues for falling to address recent police-involved shootings of black men.

“It feels like open season on black men in America and I am outraged,” Johnson said. “In fact, all Americans are at risk when bad actors in law enforcement use their guns instead of their heads.”

Johnson asked for unanimous consent to enter into congressional record an index of recent police-involved shootings, including several from Atlanta.

One Georgian Johnson named, 23-year-old Nicholas Thomas, was shot last month by Smyrna police after an arrest attempt went awry. After serving an arrest warrant for a probation violation, police allege Thomas stole a nearby vehicle and used the vehicle as a weapon against the arresting officers.

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