The Michelle Nunn files

An internal memo from Michelle Nunn's campaign notes grants given to a Hamas-affiliated group during her time at Points of Light, lists her message on Israel as "TBD," and states the campaign is falling short of its goals, among other things.

Michelle Nunn

A campaign memo from within Michelle Nunn’s campaign is furiously making the rounds and exposing what those within her internal circle perceive as the Senate hopeful’s most potent vulnerabilities.

The Democratic Senate hopeful’s camp lists “rural issues” dead last on a priority scale, states that her message on Israel is “to be determined,” and declares intent to raise more money from outside Georgia’s borders than within it, among other items that have gone viral amongst onlookers.

The memo also notes that the campaign’s fundraising, which has been a frequent point of praise for her campaign, isn’t up to muster with their targeted goals; Nunn came half a million shy of her first quarter fundraising goal.

It goes on to state the campaign is “not meeting…strategic goals.”

The memo is a wide-ranging document that also lists plans for constituencies to roll out over the course of the campaign. Included there are gun owners, listing their support as vital for polishing up Nunn’s “moderate bona fides at a time when the Republicans are likely to be making her appear like a liberal.”

The primarily targeted constituency listed for gun owners’ support – the press.

The media finds itself a focal point of Nunn’s entire plan, as it indicates that her camp is counting on them to help blunt and pushback on damaging stories that come her way over the course of the campaign. “Fair warning” is expected for such events, affording more time to “kill or muddy” them.

Beyond the potential blowback from such campaign assumptions and plotting, Nunn’s time at Points of Light is also now likely to come under scrutiny like never before.

The memo lists her time at the helm of the nonprofit as an important asset of her campaign, but “her strategists express serious concern about attacks that might arise from her work there,” noting grants doled out to “terrorists” and “inmates.”

One such grant is one exceeding $33,000 to Islamic Relief USA, which has ties to Hamas, designated a terrorist organization by America. Israel ruled the charity could no longer operate within its borders earlier this year following accusations of funneling money to Hamas.

The plan, which was circulated internally in December of last year, contains a litany of other potent points of controversy, all of which can be viewed in full below. (H/t National Review.)

2014 Michelle Nunn Campaign Memo

April 21, 2014
April 10, 2014