Vincent Fort is not amused, attacks Dem candidate over school choice

The controversial lawmaker invokes the Koch Brothers in attacking a fellow Democrat running for state school superintendent.

Ga. State Sen. Vincent Fort

The Koch Brothers, longtime scourges of Democrats nationwide, have found their ways into the race for Georgia’s next state school superintendent, only this time it’s another Democrat being attacked.

According to the AJC, state Senate Minority Whip Vincent Fort is none too amused by state Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan’s posturing on school choice. Morgan is one of two major Democrats vying for the seat, with the number of Republicans near-impossible to count.

In a letter, Fort asked for a refund of the “hundreds of dollars that I have donated to you since you began running for office.”

The charge against Morgan stems from her support of charter schools and other school positions commonly associated with Republicans.

That’s not sitting well with some ranks of her own party.

So much so that Fort proceeded to invoke the dreaded Koch Brothers in the letter.

“You have voted for tax credit vouchers for private schools,” he continued. “These tax credit vouchers have siphoned off tens of millions of dollars that could have been used to support public education. You also have voted for and worked to pass the 2012 charter school amendment. During that effort, you worked with the right-wing Koch Brothers and Walton family who dumped hundreds of thousands into Georgia to pass that amendment which will in effect create a dual private school system in Georgia.”

Morgan pushed back in a missive of her own, saying she plans “no apologies for collaborating with members of both parties to do what is in the best interest of kids.”

It’s not the first time Fort’s gotten himself headlines for bashing his own party.

In January, he decried the selection of Rebecca DeHart, a seasoned operative who’s won multiple awards, as the Democratic Party of Georgia’s executive director because she’s white. The comments subsequently sparked a bevy of criticism.

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