DPG has $520,000 on hand

The DPG gets just two contributions from Georgians not running for office in 2014's first fundraising quarter.

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The Democratic Party of Georgia has revitalized itself on the fundraising front, though it still trails its Republican counterpart by six figures.

According to reports filed online, the party entered April with $520,000 cash on hand, having raised around $385,000 in the first three months of 2014. But as the AJC’s Kyle Wingfield notes, diving into the numbers themselves is particularly interesting.

The lion’s share of the contributions came from qualifying fees paid for by the party’s candidates at the state level, with “half the rest” coming from out of state “PACs, companies, and individuals.” Another chunk came from Democratic candidates and officeholders, as well as in-state businesses and unions.

Boil it all down and the party received just two contributions from individual Georgians not running for elected office.

“To put that in perspective: One man from Philadelphia, the heir to a family investment-banking fortune, gave twice as much to the Democratic Party of Georgia during the first quarter as all non-politicians from Georgia combined,” Wingfield wrote.

The Georgia Republican Party, meanwhile, had 80 individual in-state donors not seeking elected office. Their contributions totaled around $21,000, compared to the combined $6,000 for the DPG. The party entered April with around $620,000 on hand.

At any rate, the DPG has narrowed the monetary gap; at one point last year their coffers were filled with just $15,000. It’s just the source that’s sparking derision.

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