Deal and Pennington scrap over jobs

Pennington isn't thrilled with Deal touting recent job creation.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

Governor Nathan Deal’s announcement that 420 jobs were coming to carpet country, aka primary challenger, and Dalton Mayor, David Pennington’s backyard, has ignited a spat between the two camps over job creation and the Peach State’s economy.

Mohawk Industries announced yesterday that it would be expanding Northwest Georgia plants. Deal is reportedly planning to swing through a trio cities in the region Friday to tout recent job creation.

The political boon accompanying the news isn’t lost on Pennington, one of two GOPers hoping to upset the governor in May’s primary, who issued a scathing release blasting the incumbent.

“If Nathan wants to continue taking credit for every new job that private businesses create in Georgia, then he should also take credit for the 1.7 million unemployment claims in Georgia since he took office,” he stated.

Deal has already ventured to Pennington country to fill campaign coffers and tout job creation, with 4,000 jobs coming by way of carpet businesses in recent months.

-Brandon Howell

November 20, 2013