High-level staffers resign Gingrey’s campaign [Updated]

Top campaign hands part ways with Gingrey's Senate bid.

U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey

Citing differences they “couldn’t overcome,” four senior advisers resigned Rep. Phil Gingrey’s campaign for U.S. Senate Monday.

According to The Daily Caller, general consultant Chip Lake, campaign manager John Porter, political director David Allen and political adviser Justin Tomczak have all parted ways with the Marietta Republican.

Allen told the publication he felt the reasoning behind the departures was the same across the board.

In a phone interview with Roll Call, Lake stated he wished Gingrey “nothing but the best, but when you reach that point in a campaign where you’re at the crossroads, something’s got to give.”

“We just had some disagreements on overall campaign vision and structure, and everything kind of falls under that umbrella. When that happens, you try to work it out, and when you can’t work it out, you sit down and have difficult discussions on how to move forward,” he continued.

A statement from Rep. Gingrey, passed along to Tipsheet via spox, reads as follows:

“I’m deeply grateful and appreciative of their efforts on behalf of my campaign, without which we could not have gotten this far. They helped us get up and running and saw us through its first phase, up to my “Repeal or Go Home” pledge. And now as my campaign enters its next phase, I remain committed to my pledge to repeal Obamacare or return home and am energized by the support and encouragement I continue to receive.”