Abortion becomes an issue in Ga-12

Barrow's vote against ending taxpayer-funded abortions is the topic of the NRCC's latest ad.

Barrow 1

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s latest TV spot against Democratic Rep. John Barrow in Georgia’s 12th congressional district charges the Blue Dog with voting for “taxpayer funded abortions.”

Announced this morning via press release, the ad features an Augusta mother and resident of the district.

“As a mother of 2 children, it makes me angry that my hard-earned money would support taxpayer-funded abortions. John Barrow voted to allow that to happen. He’s voted against life,” she says. “John Barrow showed that he’s going to be a DC politician, and that he’s not up there to represent the people of Georgia.”

The spot closes with a graphic branding Barrow as “too extreme for Georgia.”

H.R. 7, voted on by the House in January of this year, “prohibits federal medical facilities and health professionals from providing abortion services, and prohibits individuals and small businesses from receiving federal subsidies and tax credits under the 2010 health care overhaul to purchase health care plans that cover abortions,” per the CQ summary of the legislation.

While 6 Democrats bucked their party in voting against the resolution, Barrow was not one of them. At the time, his rating with National Right to Life in the 113th Congress stood at 0 percent.

“Congressman John Barrow has sided with Barack Obama and voted to support taxpayer-funded abortions. It’s clear that politician John Barrow’s values don’t match up with Georgia families,” stated NRCC spokeswoman Katie Prill in the release.

The spot can be viewed below the fold.

September 15, 2014
September 15, 2014