Price budget gets ‘B-‘ in conservative scorecard

The bad, better and best of budgets floating around the Hill, according to tea party

Tom Price

The conservative group Freedomworks gave Georgia Rep. Tom Price’s budget a passing grade Tuesday in its review of the various congressional spending blueprints even as the tea party-aligned outfit said it favored an alternative proposal by the Republican Study Committee.

Price’s budget—of which two versions will advance to the floor for a vote Wednesday to settle a conference disagreement over the Pentagon’s war fund—earned a grade of a “B-,” while the slightly-more-austere proposal floated by the RSC won an “A-.”

Both spending bills would zero out the federal deficit within a decade, but Price’s model moves at a more gradual pace. The Georgia’s proposal would save $5.47 billion over a decade and balance out the budget by 2024 while the RSC blueprint would trim $7.1 trillion in spending over the same period and come to balance in 2021.

The group also sized up the Senate Republican budget, but there it was less kind: the upper chamber’s proposal got only a “C.” Of course, that’s better than the failing grade it gave to the president’s budget. So, perspective.

See the full scorecard here (PDF).

March 24, 2015