John Barrow’s $1.4 million warchest

The Blue Dog has a seven-figure warchest waiting for a Republican nominee.

Barrow 1

Democratic Rep. John Barrow, a perennial national target of Republicans, didn’t rest on his laurels in the first fundraising quarter of 2014.

While the field of would-be Republican challengers grew by three, the Blue Dog raised just over $290,000 in the January-March period. He entered April with over $1.4 million on hand.

Both figures best any posted in the GOP field. Eugene Yu in terms of cash on hand, thanks to a considerable investment from his own coffers, with Rick Allen and Delvis Dutton trailing.

Yet the haul posted by the latter in just a 56 day timeframe, over $114,000, has not gone unnoticed by onlookers. Dutton’s camp touted it in a press release this morning, saying it “shows the broad support that our campaign has throughout the 12th district.”

As for Barrow, his total cash on hand amounts to $400,000 more than at this stage of the 2012 cycle. He went on to vanquish then-state Rep. Lee Anderson by roughly eight percentage points, despite the districts conservative leanings.

April 16, 2014
April 15, 2014