‘His name isn’t on the ballot…but his presidency is on the line’

DPG mailer's again connect Nunn to Obama.

Barack Obama and Michelle Nunn

The Democratic Party of Georgia’s latest targeted mail piece is again invoking President Barack Obama’s policies and legacy in an attempt to get voters to the polls.

The mail piece, first reported by the Washington Free Beacon, declares that “[h]is name isn’t on the ballot this year. But his presidency is on the line,” before urging voters to head to the polls early before Election Day. Another quote on the mailer reads, “We’ve got your back in Georgia, Mr. President.”

Last week, Obama called into Atlanta radio station V103 to urge support for Michelle Nunn so that Democrats could retain the Senate, and “keep on doing some good work.” Prior to that, he drew national attention for saying “every single one” of his policies are on the ballot this year, and that red-state Democrats who might shun public appearances with him are, nonetheless, “folks who vote with me.”

Obama’s approval rating in Georgia has long been mired underwater, and Republicans have made tying Nunn to his unpopular administration a focal point of its effort to reach independent voters. You can view images from the DPG mailer below.

October 23, 2014
October 22, 2014