Michelle Nunn and the FairTax

Unsurprisingly, Nunn opposes the FairTax. Rep. Rob Woodall, the reform plan's sponsor in the House, isn't amused.

Michelle Nunn

At Sunday’s Atlanta Press Club debate, Democratic Senate nominee Michelle Nunn voiced her opposition to the FairTax, a tax reform plan championed by many conservatives and supported by both of her rivals, Republican David Perdue and Libertarian Amanda Swafford.

Citing a 2004 Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy study, Nunn concluded “that the so-called FairTax is just not fair to the majority of Georgians.”

That’s drawn some pushback from supporters of the plan. Georgians for Fair Taxation issued a scathing press release charging Nunn with fudging the facts.

“Her comments implied that the FairTax would add consumption taxes on top of taxes already being paid by the citizens. In fact, the FairTax would replace the existing income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, and death and gift taxes with a single rate consumption tax,” it stated in part. “She failed to mention that the prebate feature would untax people on their basic needs and significantly reduce the tax liability on poor and middle income Americans.”

Beyond that, the lead sponsor of FairTax legislation is a Georgia congressman. Rep. Rob Woodall, a Republican who represents the 7th congressional district, dismissed Nunn’s opposition as typical of a Democrat and voiced support for Perdue:

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Democrat in this race is critical of the only tax plan that shifts power away from Washington and back to Georgia.  David Perdue wants create jobs, he wants to put more money in the pockets of middle class families, and most importantly, he wants to provide freedom for his neighbors from a burdensome and costly tax code, and he knows that the FairTax bill is the only bill that can accomplish these goals.  I’m proud to have him as a partner on this issue, and I know a lot of other Georgians are as well.”

October 29, 2014