Perdue releases new TV ad

New spot from the GOPer has asks Georgians for their "Trust."

Perdue Nunn composite

David Perdue’s latest TV spot in Georgia’s Senate race has a closing pitch feel to it, in which the businessman and first-time candidates ask Peach State voters for their “Trust.”

“If you’re as frustrated as I am by the dysfunction in Washington and believe we can do better, then I’d really appreciate your trust and your vote,” Perdue says in the spot, speaking directly to the camera. “I’m David Perdue and I approve this message.”

Prior to that, a narrator asks whether or not viewers “trust President Obama and the Washington politicians to deal with the problems we face.” Though she is not directly called out in the ad, Perdue’s Democratic rival Michelle Nunn’s image is featured next to Obama.

After polls showed a tightening race throughout October, this week has seen the numbers begin to tilt back in Perdue’s favor. He led a SurveyUSA poll 48-45 percent earlier this week, and even held an 8-point edge of 49-41 percent in a survey released by Monmouth yesterday.

You can watch the latest spot below the fold.

October 29, 2014