WaPo downgrades Georgia on gov race rankings

The Washington Post almost knocks Georgia off the list.

Deal Carter

The race between Governor Nathan Deal and state Senator Jason Carter barely made The Washington Post’s list of the “top 13 governor’s races in the country,” with the clock rapidly moving towards Election Day.

It previously stood at number 11, falling two spots to number 13 this go round. Why? Though the polls remain close, the Post notes that “Carter probably needs to not just beat Deal on Nov. 4, but also get to 50 percent plus one” and avoid a runoff altogether.

Republicans typically fare very well in Georgia runoffs. Should David Perdue and Michelle Nunn be forced into a runoff, it would be held on January 6th. A Deal-Carter faceoff would be a much briefer affair, with the runoff date set for December 2nd.

Though the polls continue to show a close race, recent surveys have shown the race beginning to tilt ever so slightly in Deal’s favor. He’s led five of the last seven polls and gone on offense in recent TV ads.

October 15, 2014