GAGOP launches online petition aimed at Nunn fundraiser

The Georgia GOP petitions Michelle Nunn to return all money raised at an event co-hosted by controversial ex-felon and Black Panther leader.


The Georgia Republican Party is aiming to hold Michelle Nunn’s feet to the fire regarding a controversial fundraiser held last week.

As reported last week, the Democratic Senate hopeful has faced scrutiny for a DC confab in which Virtual Murrell, an ex-felon and one-time Black Panther leader, co-hosted. Tickets for the proceedings were a suggested $2,600 a head.

Nunn’s campaign initially announced it would return any contributions received from or raised by him.

Those early comments have yet to produce results.

“When I contacted the Nunn campaign, they weren’t able to tell me how much money was raised at this fundraiser and how much they’ll be returning,” stated WSB’s Lori Geary in a report of the situation.

That’s sparked fierce criticism from Republicans, with the state party now launching an online petition demanding Nunn return all contributions received at the fundraiser.

“Sign this petition and tell Michelle Nunn to stop hiding from Georgia voters and immediately return ALL of the dirty money,” reads the petition in part.

In a statement first provided to Tipsheet, Georgia Victory spokeswoman Leslie Shedd stated:

“Georgia voters deserve better than two-faced candidates like Michelle Nunn who say one thing when the cameras are on and another behind closed doors.  It’s time for Nunn to come clean and return all of the money raised at the fundraiser hosted with radical extremist and convicted felon Virtual Murrell.”