State legislative hopefuls sprint to the finish

A primer on state legislative runoffs slated for tomorrow

Ga. Dome

Though runoffs for Senate, Congress, and the state school superintendent’s post are sucking up most of the oxygen ahead of tomorrow’s runoff, a cadre of hotly-contested state legislative clashes will also come to a close tomorrow.

In state Senate district 27, incumbent Republican Jack Murphy is again in the midst of a bruising battle for re-election. Two years ago he narrowly defeated Steve Voshall in the July 31st primary, with his final margin of victory clocking in at a mere 114 votes.

He’s now embroiled in a bitter runoff with Michael Williams. Murphy placed first in the primary, capturing 37 percent to William’s 34. Lauren McDonald III took 28 percent.

Murphy disclosed last week with 6 days to go that he had over $102,000 cash on hand, giving him the edge over Williams’s $5,278. (Read more below the fold.)