Ad goes after Nunn campaign memo

Ending Spending's latest anti-Nunn spot targets the controversial memo that leaked days ago.


That didn’t take long.

Less than five full days after the leaking of a Michelle Nunn campaign memo, which drew negative headlines both in-state and nationally, Ending Spending has hit Peach State airwaves with an ad hitting the Democratic Senate nominee over its contents.

“What does Michelle Nunn worry about most? It’s not the economy, and it’s not you,” a narrator says in the 30-second spot. “Nunn’s own campaign worries she is quote ‘too liberal, a lightweight, and not a real Georgian.’”

The spot goes on to highlight a key concern expressed by Nunn’s advisors regarding her time at the helm of Points of Light – that the group validated grants to a charity with ties to Hamas.

The ad comes as Nunn herself has returned to the airwaves as the fall contest with David Perdue begins to heat up. Her camp’s latest spot isn’t yet online, but reportedly focuses on her time at Points of Light.

It’s unknown how much Ending Spending has put behind the ad, but the group has already spent well-over six figures attacking Nunn, both over the course of the primary and since Perdue clinched the nomination last week. The pro-Republican group also waded into the Republican primary with a spot hitting Rep. Phil Gingrey earlier this year.

Watch the spot on the Nunn memo below the fold.

July 25, 2014
July 23, 2014