Michelle Nunn & EEOC complaints

Nunn's campaign memo cited two complaints that could prove troublesome to her campaign, but they aren't available to the public.

Michelle Nunn

A key pillar of Michelle Nunn’s campaign for Senate has been what most would term all-out assault on David Perdue’s business career, which spanned four decades and included time at the helm of Reebok and Dollar General.

This morning, though, Republican forces are turning to her own infamous campaign memo to return fire with charges of hypocrisy.

That memo noted an internal vetting of Nunn’s record in preparation for her Senate bid, which was conducted by NewPartners research firm. Included was a note about “records related to EEOC complaints.”

(The memo mistakenly refers to them as EECO.)

Such complaints pertain to allegations of discrimination in the workplace. A release from Georgia Victory noted that the specifics of the complaints aren’t open to the public, meaning the only way Peach State voters will know what’s in them would be for Nunn to make the details public.

The campaign memo listed them as a potential liability in her bid, which the GOP’s release noted as proof the complaints could prove damaging as Election Day draws near.

“First Georgians learned that Michelle Nunn laid off 90 employees while giving herself a pay raise.  Now as Nunn lobs more false attacks, she faces some critical questions about EEOC complaints which are seen ‘vulnerabilities’ according to Nunn’s own campaign,” stated Georgia Victory spokeswoman Leslie Shedd. “What is Michelle Nunn hiding?  It’s time for Nunn to start answering the questions she was hoping no one would ask.”

September 17, 2014
September 16, 2014
September 16, 2014