Nunn confronted on Obamacare

A Georgia man speaks directly to Nunn about the higher costs Obamacare is imposing.

Michelle Nunn

On the same day in which President Barack Obama took to Atlanta radio to say Michelle Nunn needed to win so “we can keep doing some good work,” the Democratic hopeful herself was confronted by a Georgian facing massively increased costs thanks to Obamacare.

After asking Nunn about the higher costs that have hit Georgians due to the unpopular law, Nunn conceded that “this is an issue.”

“It’s huge,” was the man’s response. “It went from $683.64 to $1,294.58 in just a few more days.”

Obamacare has been deeply unpopular in Georgia since its passage. Prior to the May primary, Nunn was directly asked how she would have voted on the law, but repeatedly refused to answer. It sparked national derision from Republicans and onlookers alike. She has, however, said she is not in favor of repealing the law.

David Perdue’s insurance was actually cancelled last fall because of the law.

You can watch video of the exchange with Nunn below the fold. (H/t The Weekly Standard.)

October 22, 2014
October 21, 2014