Nunn knocks Perdue for DC trip, in spite of skipping a debate to go there herself

Michelle Nunn notes David Perdue's visit to DC for unity meeting with GOP delegation, doesn't mention she's hauled in $650,000 on repeated visits herself.

Michelle Nunn

At a press scrum following yesterday’s Georgia Chamber forum, Democratic Senate nominee Michelle Nunn took aim at her Republican rival, David Perdue, for venturing to Washington D.C. following his narrow runoff victory over Rep. Jack Kingston.

“He, then, within days of winning the nomination, flew to Washington,” she said in reference to the trip, which was meant to unite Peach State GOPers in Congress, the lion’s share of whom backed Kingston.

Yet it’s Nunn who was the target of criticism for her frequent excursions to DC over the course of the last year.

As of April 2014, Nunn reportedly filled her coffers with some $650,000 in campaign cash from the city, supplemented by $200,000 from surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia.

Nunn even jettisoned to the nation’s capital instead of showing up at a primary debate held in Columbus. She drew heavy rebuke for the move, especially given her campaign had sought media attention in the city just the week before, only to pass up a ready-made chance to introduce herself to Columbus voters.

None of the DC visits, though, have drawn as much scrutiny as the one in which she attended a fundraiser co-hosted by ex-felon Virtual Murrell.