Ad war heats up in Ga-12

Rick Allen becomes the second GOPer on the air in the five-way primary.

Rick Allen

Evans businessman Eugene Yu became the first Republican hopeful looking to unseat Democratic Rep. John Barrow to release a TV ad this week, now Augusta businessman Rick Allen has joined him.

A press release from his campaign describes the ad as drawing “a contrast between Rick’s priorities and those of President Obama, whose agenda has been roundly supported by Allen’s Democratic opponent in the race – John Barrow.”

“Before Barack Obama took office, he was a community organizer,” Allen says in the ad. “Now the country’s a mess.”

He talks about his career in business, saying “Obama’s big spending, it burdens our children with debt, The Bible says that’s immoral.”

It makes no mention of Allen’s primary opponents, those being state Rep. Delvis Dutton, former congressional staffer John Stone, Diane Vann, and Yu, nor was the scope of the buy disclosed in the press release.

The ad can be viewed below the fold:

April 23, 2014