Herman Cain on David Perdue and the Georgia Senate race

Conservative radio host weighs in on the crowded Republican primary.

Cain Perdue

Radio host and one-time Republican presidential contender Herman Cain weighed in on Georgia’s open Senate race this morning, and he threw some very good words in the direction of David Perdue.

“You have a businessman who, like me when I ran, had never been in office, he is truly the outsider, and his name is David Perdue,” Cain said in response to a caller’s question on the race. “The choice, in my mind, boils down to – do you want a congressman or do you want an accomplished businessman who has turned a company, he has run corporations, he knows how to solve problems.”

However, Cain did stop short of declaring full-fledged support for Perdue.

“I’m not allowed to do any sort of a formal endorsement, but I would say, if you start looking at those individuals, I think you’re going to make the right decision,” he continued.

Cain further stated that he plans to support whoever the nominee is, and that he intends to let the crowded primary field “fight it out.”

Unsurprisingly, no such praise was given to likely Democratic nominee Michelle Nunn.

Cain’s full comments on the race can be heard below the fold:

April 18, 2014
April 17, 2014
April 17, 2014