Monkeys and cocaine

Barrow's stimulus vote gets mocked by third NRCC spot in Ga-12.

Barrow 1

Filed in the department of headlines this site never thought it would see is a major component of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s latest strike against Democratic Rep. John Barrow in Georgia’s 12th congressional district.

The spot, which is the group’s third in the race, looks to turn Barrow’s own words against him.

“I’ve passed a $100 billion in spending cuts,” is the quote ripped from the Blue Dog’s first TV ad.

“Is John Barrow serious?” a narrator asks. “Barrow supported Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus, spending $800,000 studying how monkeys react to cocaine.”

A suit-clad monkey makes a cameo appearance. We’ve yet to receive word as to whether or not he participated in the study.

The ad continues by recounting other elements of the stimulus package, which has been a focal point of ads aimed at Barrow.

“John Barrow has voted to spend millions creating jobs in China, millions on chairlifts in Vermont and hundreds of thousands testing cocaine on monkeys,” stated NRCC spokeswoman Katie Prill in a press release. “In what twilight zone does job creation in China and cocaine monkeys help Georgia families? Barrow can’t be serious if he thinks Georgia families will overlook his horrendous voting record in Congress.”

It’s backed by a $152,000 buy and can be viewed below the fold.

August 25, 2014