Tipsheet in Townhall: Early cracks in Nunn’s armor

Tipsheet contributor argues Nunn isn't meeting campaign's challenges.

Michelle Nunn

Tipsheet contributor Brandon Howell assesses Michelle Nunn’s early campaign for Georgia’s open Senate seat in a Townhall op-ed, arguing that early digital ads are undermining the strategy of keeping distance between party and self, while supporting military intervention in Syria is the first-time candidates inaugural policy misfire:

The Points of Light CEO made no mention of party affiliation in a campaign announcement email, and a two-week tour across the state, dubbed “What Washington Can Learn From Georgia,” appeared more akin to her career in nonprofits than a show of political force.


Yet an increasing slew of unforced errors is undermining such efforts.


Juxtaposed against the self-projected, bipartisan problem solver image were Facebook ads calling on targeted users to “Help Keep the Democratic Majority,” hardly a winner in a state shaded as deeply red as Georgia.


Still, Nunn’s greatest early fumble lies with positing herself in favor of military intervention in Syria.


Supporters will call the early misfires growing pains, citing a long electoral calendar and the rigors accompanying first-time candidacy.


Yet for Michelle Nunn, any hint of victory consists of walking a perfect tightrope whilst hoping for lightning in a bottle. So far, she’s not keeping her end of the deal.

The full take can be read here.

-Brandon Howell

July 23, 2013
July 16, 2013