Collins weighs in on Chestatee High School & religious freedom

North Georgia congressman blasts American Humanist Association for threatening a lawsuit against Hall County's school system.


In a blistering morning press release, Rep. Doug Collins blasted reports of the American Humanist Association considering a lawsuit against the Hall County School System, saying “liberal Washington lawyers should leave Georgia kids alone.”

As reported yesterday by Access North Georgia, the group is threatening to sue on the basis of “unconstitutional infusion of religion into the high school football program” at Chestatee High School.

A letter was sent to Hall County’s superintendent of schools, Board of Education chairman, and Chestatee’s principal, stating “that the school’s football coaches have been using their position to promote Christianity on the football team by integrating Bible verses into functional team documents and team promotions in various ways.”

Hall County makes up the most populated portion of the heavily-conservative 9th congressional district, which Collins has represented since being elected in 2012.

“The liberal atheist interest groups trying to bully Chestatee High School kids say they have reason to believe that expressions of religious freedom are ‘not an isolated event’ in Northeast Georgia,” he said in the press release. “They’re right.  In Hall County and throughout Georgia’s 9th district, we understand and respect the Constitution and cherish our right to worship in our own way.”

“It’s utterly disgusting that while innocent lives are being lost in Iraq and other places at the hands of radical religious terrorists, a bunch of Washington lawyers are finding the time to pick on kids in Northeast Georgia. I want the football players and all the students at CHS to know I support you, I’m here for you, and yes, I’m praying for you,” Collins continued.

Collins himself is an Air Force reserve chaplain.

January 3, 2014
December 5, 2013