Doug Collins wants to STOP Obama

Freshman GOPer wants to curtail the president's use of executive action.


Rep. Doug Collins has signed on as co-sponsor of a resolution calling for legal action against President Obama, dubbed the Stop This Overreaching Presidency (STOP).

Circulated by the freshman GOPer’s office, a Politico write-up states it “targets Obama for allowing a year extension health care policies that were ended because of Obamacare; delaying the employer mandate for one year; deferring the deportation of illegal immigrants brought to the country as children and waiving part of the welfare work requirement.”

“We have a president who once taught the Constitution who has now forgotten the Constitution,” stated Collins, urging him to work with Congress as opposed to through executive action.

The resolution currently has 74 co-sponsors, all Republican and Politico notes they range from conservative to moderate. It’s non-binding, doesn’t require Senate approval, and is slated for hearings in both the House Administration and Judiciary committees.

-Brandon Howell

January 3, 2014
December 5, 2013