Nunn: Obamacare hypothetical ‘impossible’ to answer

Democratic Senate hopeful won't say whether she would have voted for Obamacare

Michelle Nunn

Democratic Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn twice ducked a reporter’s questions if she would have voted for the Affordable Care Act during a pre-taped interview Monday on MSNBC.

Asked if she would have voted for the health care overhaul bill, Nunn parried and said the question was an “impossible” one to answer because at the time of the legislation’s approval she was leading the non-profit Points of Light foundation.

“So at the the time that the Affordable Health Care Act was passed, I was working for Points of Light,” she said. “I wish that we had more people who had tried to architect a bipartisan legislation.”

Unsatisfied with that answer, reporter Kasie Hunt pressed: “So, yes or no?”

Nunn, who is widely expected to capture the Democratic nomination for Senate Tuesday over token opposition, again dodges the question, saying, “So I think it’s impossible to look back retrospectively and say what you would have down when you were there.”

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March 22, 2013
November 16, 2012