Cain cuts radio spot for Perdue, former Gov. Sonny Perdue to appear in TV ad

The two biggest names behind David Perdue's Senate bid will boost his bid with radio and TV spots.

Cain Perdue

Herman Cain is going to bat for Senate hopeful David Perdue.

“David Perdue has a distinguished career in the private sector, building companies and creating thousands of jobs, and he’s not a politician,” the radio host and 2012 presidential contender says in the minute-long spot.

He continues by pushing back on various attacks that have flown in Perdue’s direction over the course of the campaign.

Cain endorsed the businessman’s first run for office before the May 20th primary, appearing on the final leg of a statewide RV tour, but this is the first time he’s been featured in an ad boosting Perdue’s effort. He also was the special guest a fundraiser held last night.

Separately, a morning report from the AJC stated that former Governor Sonny Perdue is slated to appear in a TV spot as well as at various campaign stops ahead of the runoff.

It won’t be the first time. The former governor appeared in ads solely aired in the Middle Georgia media market before the May 20th primary, which talked about his cousin’s upbringing in the area.

The radio ad featuring Cain can be heard below the fold:

(Editor’s Note: Tipsheet contributor Brandon Howell is on the record as supporting David Perdue.)

November 28, 2012
September 21, 2012