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Hunter Hill

GOP group opposes religious liberty bill
1 year ago

GOP group opposes religious liberty bill

Opportunity.US, a young conservative group led by the grandson of former Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen Jr., came out Monday in opposition to Georgia’s First Amendment Defense Act, a controversial religious liberty proposal that critics argue would facilitate discrimination against gays and lesbians.

“Young professionals today demand that political leaders embrace policies ensuring our competitiveness and equality of opportunity,” Beau Allen, Opportunity.US co-founder, said in a statement provided to Tipsheet. “Opportunity.US stands with the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and like-minded groups who fiercely oppose the proposed First Amendment Defense Act, a discriminatory bill which threatens the progress our great City and State has made in the past decades.

“The next generation of our nation’s leaders believe in an inclusive society creating economic and political opportunity for all.”

Opportunity.US, a social welfare outgrowth of the Republican super PAC Concord 51, has previously played in Georgia, endorsing U.S. Senator David Perdue and Georgia state Sen. Hunter Hill. Read More