Super PAC airs ad backing Barrow

Patriot Majority reinforces Barrow and...two Democrats who don't have an opponent.

Barrow 1

A pro-Democratic super PAC is hitting the airwaves in support of Rep. John Barrow’s re-elect bid, which is sure to draw national headlines and be an expensive bout this fall.

Patriot Majority is dropping over $46,000 for a spot in the Augusta and Savannah media markets.

The spot states that “John Barrow is opening doors to the middle class.”

It goes on to state the Blue Dog is working to “stop cuts to Medicare” and ease the burden of student loan debt, closing by calling on viewers to “thank him for putting the middle class first.”

Barrow announced last week he entered the month with $1.9 million in his campaign warchest, having hauled in $580,000 in the second fundraising quarter of 2014. His rival, Republican Rick Allen, has yet to announce his figure.

On a stranger note, Patriot Majority is also airing ads in support of two Peach State Democrats without opposition, those being Reps. Hank Johnson and David Scott.

Over $100,000 is going behind the ad touting both members, arguably without any purpose given that neither has an opponent and that their districts are solidly blue.

The pro-Barrow spot can be viewed below the fold.

July 11, 2014