NRCC says Barrow is ‘bankrupting America’ in second spot

The NRCC releases its second anti-Barrow ad in a week's time, signifying the ad war is here to stay in Ga-12

Barrow 1

Less than a week after launching their first spot aimed at Democratic Rep. John Barrow, the National Republican Committee is up with another ad targeting him over spending.

The ad, which was obtained first by Tipsheet, states that Barrow is “bankrupting America.”

“$820,000 of our tax dollars were spent studying how monkeys respond to unfairness, and how they act while on cocaine. Think about that,” a woman states in the ad, with a monkey perched on her shoulder. “That’s how outrageous the spending in Washington has gotten…Our country is being bankrupted and John Barrow is voting with Barack Obama to do it.”

While the initial scope of the ad buy is unknown, the NRCC reserved $800,000 worth of air time in the Augusta and Savannah media market early this summer, all of which will likely be geared towards anti-Barrow spots.

In a statement, NRCC spokeswoman Katie Prill took specific aim at Barrow’s vote for the $830 billion stimulus package.

“You know Congressman John Barrow has been in Washington too long when he thinks it’s okay to vote for President Obama’s failed $830 billion stimulus program which studied how monkey’s responded to unfairness and how they act while on cocaine,” Prill said. “It’s time for Barrow to go because Georgia families can’t afford his wasteful ways in Washington.”

The Blue Dog, a perennial target of Republican forces, won re-election in 2012 even as Mitt Romney overwhelmingly carried the district over President Obama. Both he and Republican challenger Rick Allen, who vanquished a crowded primary field, have also hit the airwaves over the last week.

Watch the spot below the fold.

August 12, 2014
July 11, 2014