‘Fundraiser doesn’t equal an endorsement’

Kasim Reed will host a fundraiser for Jason Carter later this month, but even word of it carries cold water.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, snow

After months of comments that could be called lukewarm at best, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is readying to go to bat for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jason Carter. Or something along those lines at least.

He’s hosting a fundraiser for him later this month, per a Friday interview with 11Alive.

Reed has previously bobbed and weaved over expressing enthusiasm for Carter’s gubernatorial bid, saying earlier this year he had no interest in hitching himself to a “bandwagon” candidacy and noting that the state senator had done little to boost his campaigns for Atlanta mayor.

Word of the fundraiser amounts to the closest thing to a full-throated endorsement we’ve seen thus far.

That said, he still pledged to offer support for the party’s nominee despite his positive relationship with Republican Governor Nathan Deal. The duo have won national acclaim for their bipartisan work together, with Reed at one point dubbing himself “Robin” to Deal’s “Batman.”

Even this, though, came with multiple caveats and subtle jabs at Carter.

“I’m getting ready to do more for Jason Carter than he ever did for me,” Reed said in the interview.

Then there was a comment from his spokeswoman following the interview.

“Fundraiser doesn’t equal an endorsement,” Anne Torres said.

April 28, 2014
January 31, 2014