Westmoreland won’t run for whip, open to future leadership roles

The Georgia GOPer says he won't enter a leadership contest now, but that it's possible in the future.

Westmoreland Price

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland swiftly dispelled any speculation he was considering a run for House majority whip Saturday, telling the AJC the time wasn’t right.

“Currently my focus is on … the November midterms, and the efforts to create the largest Republican majority in decades,” he said. “If there are future opportunities at the [National Republican Campaign Committee] or within the conference after November, I would like to be a part of that discussion.”

Over the last week, Westmoreland became a de facto leader in expressing frustration felt by House Republicans hailing from the Deep South, who’ve felt a leadership vacuum exists even though the region constitutes a significant portion of the caucus’s membership.

“This something I’ve been kind of hammering on for a while,” he said on Friday.