Mac, not Mike, Collins comes under fire in Ga-10 runoff

"Like father, like son" is Hice's latest attack in runoff battle.

Mac Collins

Jody Hice is extending his aim beyond his actual opponent in the Republican runoff to succeed Rep. Paul Broun.

His opponent, business Mike Collins, is the son of Mac Collins, who previously served in Congress. And now it’s his voting record that’s making its way to the crosshairs ahead of the July 22nd clash.

In a fundraising missive sent out ahead of the June 30th fundraising deadline, Hice’s camp cited the elder Collins as grounds for being skeptical of his son’s conservative bona fides:

“The senior Collins’s voting record includes: Four votes to raise the national debt ceiling! Three votes to raise his own pay! A vote for No Child Left Behind which increased federal power in education. And he even voted against cutting spending on asparagus research!”

It further stated that Mike Collins’s “political genealogy is the source of his moderate politics.”

The charge stems from comments the younger Collins made about his father’s legacy to The Athens Banner Herald, in which he stated that “they will love the sequel” if they approved of his representation.

Mac Collins was first elected in 1992, serving until 2004 when he was felled by Johnny Isakson in a primary for U.S. Senate.

Hice’s effort to further cast his opponent as unfit for conservatives comes as his own effort has found itself facing a barrage of criticism for past comments, including stating that he had no problem with a woman running for office if she’s “within the authority of her husband.”

Rick Santorum also dealt a blow to Hice’s social conservative street cred this week, when he joined Newt Gingrich and others in backing Collins.

Hice placed first in the May 20th primary by less than 200 votes.