GAGOP to increase Hispanic outreach efforts

Both David Perdue and Nathan Deal drew over 40 percent support with Hispanics on Tuesday, with Perdue gaining 42 and Deal 47.

Ga GOP 1

Following Tuesday’s midterm victories, the Georgia Republican Party is signaling an expansion of its minority outreach efforts.

In an interview with the AJC, minority outreach director Leo Smith highlighted the party’s gains with both African-American and Hispanic voters on Tuesday. Senator-elect David Perdue garnered 7 percent of the black vote and 42 percent support from Hispanics. By comparison, outgoing Senator Saxby Chambliss took 4 percent of the black vote when he was last on the ballot in 2008. Governor Nathan Deal drew support from 10 percent of African-American voters and 47 percent from Hispanics.

The next step, heading into 2016, is the genesis of a “Latino Republican council.” Asian outreach, too, is expected to increase. Republicans carried Asian voters by roughly 1-percent nationally in 2014.

October 21, 2014