Deal calls for expanding HOPE grant

Deal wants four additional areas covered under the grant for tech school students.

Deal Real

Governor Nathan Deal’s campaign is out today with a policy proposal sure to be a major part of the final stretch of his re-election bid against Democrat Jason Carter.

The plan, sent out via press release this afternoon, calls for expanding the HOPE grant for technical college students in four different areas. Those are computer programming, certified engineering technician, film and set design, and precision manufacturing.

“To remain the No. 1 state in the nation in which to do business we have to move at the speed of business and that means taking aggressive action to meet the workforce needs,” Deal said in the release. “Where there are positions going unfilled, I want Georgians equipped to do the job. This plan is about creating a pipeline filled with more of our students funneling directly into these positions in waiting.”

According to numbers from the AJC, the grant last year covered 12,000 students and cost $11.5 million.

The expansion will require legislative approval during next year’s session.

September 15, 2014
September 11, 2014