Stephen Simpson, call your office: Twitter hacked

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun’s GOP primary challenger Stephen Simpson fell victim on Friday to a common Twitter phishing scheme in which users are duped into sharing platform credentials.

After receiving a seemingly-personal note in which a masked link is provided, unassuming users are prompted to provide their username and password on an interface that mirrors Twitter’s web client because their “session has expired.”

The Tipsheet (@GeorgiaTipsheet) received an in-service message on Friday indicating Team Simpson had joined the legion of hoodwinked tweeters, though it’s unlikely the candidate himself fell for the scam, as his presence on the micro-blogging network relays campaign events in a third-person narrative.

But at least he’s in good company: Simpson’s campaign alerted one follower just last month that they had been deceived by one such scam.

@JeffreyHarveyFB I think that your account was hacked earlier today. You might want to change your twitter password if you haven’t already.

— Stephen Simpson (@SKSimpson2012) May 27, 2012

Even as Simpson’s Twitter travails have fizzled, his stump stingers are passing muster with the truthiness arbiters at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Politifact.

The fact-checking outfit rated as mostly true Simpson’s claim that “nothing [Rep. Broun] has introduced has ever passed.”

- James Richardson