Olens rolls out sheriffs’ endorsements

The AG is widely expected to cruise to victory, as evidenced by bipartisan feel of endorsements list.


On the downballot front, Attorney General Sam Olens today rolled out a coalition more bipartisan than any we’re likely to see on the Senate or gubernatorial fronts.

That comes in the form of endorsements from sheriffs and district attorneys across Georgia’s 159 counties.

Specifically, 31 of 49 district attorneys endorsed his bid for re-election, as did 117 county sheriffs.

In a press release, Olens’s campaign noted that Democratic sheriffs actually outnumbered Republicans, with 60 endorsing him to 56 Republicans and a lone Independent.

He’s squaring off with Democrat Greg Hecht in November, with most if not all onlookers expecting Olens to cruise to victory.

The campaign provided a map of the endorsements, which can be viewed below.

October 23, 2013