Hecht campaign fudges sheriff endorsements

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Hecht Olens

Greg Hecht was already running an underfunded, underdog effort to unseat Republican Attorney General Sam Olens. Now, however, his campaign is catching flak for something else – being disingenuous.

Over the weekend, the Democrat’s campaign issued a release declaring that 37 sheriffs across Georgia had switched their endorsement from the incumbent to the challenger. Among those listed by Hecht’s campaign were 10 Republicans, too.

If you scan Hecht’s campaign website, you notice that the number of overall sheriffs has steadily decreased, clocking in at 30 today who have supposedly switched endorsements. Olens’s campaign stepped up to the plate today, too, issuing a scathing press release that included several sheriffs listed by Hecht reaffirming their support for Olens.

“I’m proud to support Sam Olens and I am shocked that his opponent claimed to have my endorsement,” Lanier County Sheriff Nick Norton stated in the release. “Sam is a friend and has done a tremendous job as Attorney General helping my office of Sheriff here in South Georgia with many criminal cases. Sam has always had my full support and my endorsement.”

Another, Brooks County Sheriff Mike Dewey, stated “Sam Olens has proven himself as a friend and supporter of Georgia’s law enforcement efforts and has always had my full support.”

The campaign further provided a list of sheriffs said to switch their support who in fact have not. It’s posted in full below.

Sheriff Nick Norton, Lanier County; Sheriff Mike Dewey, Brooks County; Sheriff Josh Hilton, Calhoun County; Floyd County; Sheriff Neal Walden, White County; Sheriff Thomas, Pike County; Sheriff Young, Grady County; Sheriff Kight, Toombs County; Sheriff Peterson, Clinch County; Sheriff Thomas, Franklin County and Sheriff Nobles, Long County. One of the “switchers” listed was not on the Olens’ list to begin with.

Yesterday, Michelle Nunn’s campaign was again asked by former President George H.W. Bush to stop using his image in her television ads. The former president, a Republican who has endorsed David Perdue, has done so before yet that still hasn’t stopped Nunn from repeatedly including him in her ads.

It seems this has turned into a full-fledged trend for Democratic candidates in Georgia this year.

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