Anderson gets the Twitter treatment

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, an anonymous critic of Republican Lee Anderson created a Twitter profile that, at least on first glance, was identical to the Republican’s official footprint on the microblogging network.

It had the same background, profile picture and even a similar identifier. But the 140-character missives it contained were especially nasty.

Some of the comments commended the picketing of Westboro Baptist Church, a fundamentalist group that protests the funerals of slain soldiers, while other still made bigoted comments about women and Jews.

@godhatesfagswbc When’s the next protest? Some Marines just recently died I think in the district. We can protest and then eat at @chickfila

— Lee Anderson (@voteleeanderson) August 22, 2012

@adl_national I ask you all for the sake of your eternal salvation to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jews make God angry.

— Lee Anderson (@voteleeanderson) August 22, 2012

@reportr1 @votelee I think you should stop being a little bitch and know your place as a woman.

— Lee Anderson (@voteleeanderson) August 22, 2012

Anderson narrowly earned a majority in the Tuesday Republican runoff contest, edging rival Rick Allen by just 150 votes in uncertified returns.

UPDATE: Twitter suspended the Anderson doppelg√§nger overnight on Wednesday for an apparent violation of the network’s terms of service, which forbids impersonations.