Barbara Dooley backs Mike Collins in Ga-10 runoff

After backing Donna Sheldon in the primary, Barbara Dooley is getting behind Mike Collins in a tight runoff battle with Jody Hice.

Mike Collins

Barbara Dooley, a former congressional candidate herself and the wife of legendary University of Georgia football coach Vince Dooley, is throwing her support behind Mike Collins in the race to succeed Rep. Paul Broun in Georgia’s 10th congressional district.

“Vince and I have always cared deeply about our community and having good folks like Mike Collins working for us in Washington is what we need,” she says in a radio ad cut for the campaign. “Mike is a rock-solid conservative with an actual plan to balance the budget, reduce the debt and get this economy back on track.”

Collins is locked in a close battle with Jody Hice in the runoff. Dooley previously supported former state Rep. Donna Sheldon in the primary, who finished a distant third to the two.

The radio spot can be heard below the fold.

September 14, 2012