Activists crash pro-life demonstration at UGA

Jarring display of aborted fetuses riles progressive activists at UGA

UGA abortion protest

A pro-life demonstration at the University of Georgia this week was blocked from campus view by pro-choice activists who erected a makeshift wall of bodies and linen.

The towering anti-abortion exhibit, a project of Justice for All, a Kansas-based activist training outfit known for its jarring campus displays, depicted aborted fetuses in extremely graphic detail outside the university student center.

A spokesperson for Students for Life UGA, which invited the group, told the UGA student newspaper, The Red & Black, that the display was designed to stir a public dialogue by telling “people the truth about abortions.”

But the 18-foot tall display quickly drew counter protests by two separate pro-choice student groups, who surrounded the display with bed sheets.

Those protesters not anchoring the wall of linens held signs–including ones reading “My p*ssy my choice” and “Put your politics where your p*ssy is!”–and distributed literature and condoms to passersby.

Justice for All held a similar demonstration at Georgia Tech last spring.

September 14, 2012