Yesterday Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter, himself a former lawmaker, tweaked members of his own party for backing a Republican-backed measure to cap Georgia’s income tax at 6 percent for the state level.

“I can’t believe Rep. Tyrone Brooks and Rep. Hugh Floyd voted for SR 415. They have voted with Republicans, who have spent this entire session dismantling the very programs that we stand for,” he quipped. “Both have been there long enough to know what they were voting on. It appears that they have lost their dadgum minds.”

The support of the two Democrats yielded the two-thirds majority needed to pass, given that it’s a constitutional amendment.

What he forgot to mention is that the gubernatorial standard-bearer of his own party supported it, too.

Jason Carter, the lone Democrat looking to unseat Governor Nathan Deal, said ‘yes’ to an income tax cap when SR 415 came before the state Senate, along with two more Democrats.

Onlookers have since posed the question of whether or not Porter feels the same way about Carter, that he’s lost his “dadgum mind.” Beyond that, the amendment is set to appear on the November ballot, at the same time Carter will be squaring off with Deal.

Not the most optimal issue to be off-message on.

“He might want to start by letting his state party chair know that slamming an amendment he voted for could make life more, not less, difficult for him,” wrote the AJC’s Kyle Wingfield.

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