A Tuesday evening fundraiser on Capitol Hill for Democratic Senate nominee Michelle Nunn could prove troublesome for her campaign.

As reported by National Review, former Senator Sam Nunn, her father, was the special guest for the event’s proceedings, with suggested entry fee being $2,600 a head.

However, co-hosting the event was Virtual Murrell, “an early leader of the Black Panther Party during its militant phase, and later a political consultant who, in the mid 1990s, spent time in jail for using a government perch to extort local businesses.”

Murrell’s 1994 indictment stemmed from charges of soliciting and receiving bribes in his capacity as aide to an Oakland city councilman. He did a year in prison after pleading guilty.

Prior to that, he was a distribution manager for the Black Panthers.

“I’m due to report for induction tomorrow morning for the purposes of being drafted into the United States Army,” stated Murrell in archived video footage from 1968 quoted in NRO’s report. “If this racist, ethnocentric, imperialistic dog forces me to go, I have no other choice other than to sabotage your arsenal and to arm black people to use [arms] against this racist power structure to defend themselves.”

In response to the story, Nunn’s campaign stated it was “unaware” of his past and “disagrees with his comments.”

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