A fumbled Sunday show interview in which Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who this week approved a controversial religious freedom measure that mirrors proposed legislation here in Georgia, repeatedly refused to say wether the legislation would give broad license to discriminate against gays and lesbians has caught Gold Dome Republicans flat footed.

Georgia’s own religious freedom legislation was tabled this week after a Republican, state Rep. Mike Jacobs, introduced a nondiscrimination amendment during committee that the legislation’s supporters considered a poison pill.

Supporters had hoped to revive the proposal during a special Monday conference of the House Judiciary Committee. Now that meeting has been cancelled, according to a lobbyist for LGBT advocacy group Georgia Equality, dimming already poor prospects the legislation will move from committee to the floor for a full vote before the session expires later next week.

The decision to scrap the Monday meeting came only hours after an appearance by Pence on ABC’s “This Week” in which the Republican repeatedly dodged host George Stephanopoulos’ question whether the law would become a vehicle for discrimination.

A key Democrat involved in the process emailed Tipsheet that the interview, which national gay rights lobby Human Rights Campaign already cut into a digital advertisement, “has them in a spin,” but cautioned that the legislation is not dead.

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