It’s spreading like wildfire across the nation, with people finding new, exciting and innovative uses for CBD almost every day. But the legal status of CBD remains up in the air – including in states like Georgia.

CBD is extracted from hemp, a crop that has some properties similar to marijuana. Unlike its genetic cousin, however, CBD contains only a fraction of the THC content of marijuana – and its THC which gives marijuana users a high.

For decades, hemp was listed under the Controlled Susbtances Act, making it illegal under federal law.

It was a status that confounded both farmers and everyday Americans, with many people agreeing that hemp was harmless and had only been caught up in law enforcement’s crosshairs because of its similarity to marijuana.

However, the federal Farm Bill passed in 2018 clarified hemp’s national status, making it clear that the crop isn’t a controlled substance.

So where does that leave CBD?

While the Farm Bill removed laws that restricted hemp and undermined CBD, there are also no laws on the books that explicitly say it’s legal to possess CBD oil.

That’s created a clash between law enforcement and aficionados of CBD oil, which is not intoxicating.

As the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported, “In March, a drug task force raided a store in Dade County, in northwest Georgia, seizing items like CBD-infused gummy candy and dog treats.”

Separately, some stores in Georgia pulled their CBD products from the shelves after a warning about their legal status from Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, who noted that using CBD in food or drink may run afoul of the law. Things appear to have got political for the cannabis business in the Georgias.

However, a new law may help. The Georgia Hemp Farming Act, which went into effect this month, makes it legal for certain CBD products to contain 0.03 percent or less of THC.

According to NewsChannel 9, law enforcement in Georgia expects that the law will help address the questions that have swirled around CBD. However, because edible products that contain THC remain prohibited, it won’t completely address the issues.

It’s a start, however, for the thousands of people in Georgia who are using CBD for their health, as it provides stress relief and bolsters their quality of life, among many other success stories that CBD users have reported.

One website,, is gathering these stories – and helping people learn from each other about how CBD can help make their lives better. This crowdsourcing site is an exciting place to get feedback about CBD, something that is becoming especially important as CBD use expands in places like Georgia. They report on differing conditions, including anxiety, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. They also lay out the research for those patients, which outlines the potential benefits to many medical symptoms, but also the side effects of any CBD based treatment. 

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